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LOVERS On The Beach

LOVERS On The Beach (My Heartsong)

Photo Ny Jieranai Maier
Dana Point, Ca
We sat together on the beach,
Beneath the tall palm (cypress) trees,
Along the quiet seashore paths,
Sharing sweetness fruits of our hearts.

As we observed the shorelines,
Admiring the glorious colors,
Of wonderful blue azure sea,
And we can see the skylines,
With All the white and gray clouds,
Poetic shrouded of bright blue,
Oh such wonderment of green hues.

Thinking Of past violet blues memory,
Thinking Of white water and foams.
As the waves roam and rush to shore,
As the sea water pouring inlands.

We promised to love while holding hands,
Each standing by with firm beliefs,  
We promised to listen and cherish,
We promsed to live together, 
Forever in blisses, transqulity and peace.  

Now the sky is bright red and yellow,
Ringing forlorn hollow of my lyrics,
As the sun setting over the horizon,
With golden rising moon swooning,

Spring fling of blisses, which is by gone,  
My heartsong sang, no more of love,
My soul is in deepest dept of solitude,
As now my spirit is in eternal bond of blues...

Jeri Maier
March 2004 - July 2004 


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