Frank Ode to El Capitan

Frank Ode to El Capitan

Deafening silence your utterances of wisdom,

Leading victoriously from a distant rear toward certain doom.

Your swelling pompousness to show you were superior,

Ironically obvious to all that you felt quite inferior!

Hesitation and double guessing your mark of confidence,

Fear, an uncontrolled trembling hand is seen in evidence.

Barked commands obligingly followed without question,

Duty instilled by obedience to your harsh truncheon.

Promoted repeatedly beyond your level of competence,

Bars gained not through merit, but by blind happenstance.

The rank and file who serve as cannon fodder,

Fed a system that raised you further up the ladder.

Nightmares torment a constant waking fear,

Your enemy will mostly likely come from the rear.

A friendly bullet to seal a certain demise,

Fired by a comrade you have taught to despise.

What erroneous truths shall be recorded as your epitaph,

“Here rests a man; loved and respected”, a stereotypical biograph.

Your popularity to be measured by the numbers who mourn,

No remorse will be paid by those you held so disdainfully in scorn.


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