Sauntering forward, each step brings her further away.

Heartless desire dips from wanton lips. 

A black hole drawing in a cosmos of victims. 

Elusive seductress.

Indolent gazes of detached affection for all.

Devouring eyes, insatiably consuming her prey.

No attempt to clothe remorseless disdain.

Elusive tease.

Manipulation in very gesture as she spins a web.

Naive victims innocently entranced.

Willful indifference a compassionate trait.

Elusive promise.

Growing colder with every scorching touch.

A postiche more plausible than truth.

Enticing the innocent into her lair.

Elusive relief.

Thirsty breaths of unconcealed contempt.

Panting as she simulates a fraudulent climax.

Orgasms of obdurate loathing.

Elusive concern.

My Angel can do no wrong.

Though she thwarts every _expression of affection. 

Gestures of love are foreign to her.

Elusive happiness.

With respect, bowing deeply before YOU . . .

Ted Agombar / OH Ga -Ba  



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