Celestial Ascension

Majestic range of folded undulation Wraps the nestled enclave in adulation. Provocatively perched on the hip Of a prominent outcropping lip, She stands a historical shine. Millennia welcoming the divine Of the fledgling hamlet far below, Now a sprawl that continues to grow.
Beyond waves of sparkling crystals Break on endless dazzling beaches. More distant, mariners ply their trade Across a horizon of enigmatic jade. An interface of steel blue on metallic grey, Cloudless sky promises an uneventful day. Such suggestion is quite undue, Little is known of what will ensue.
Ribbons of stones blindly meander Haphazardly from base to yonder. Trail remote, secluded from view, Hidden aft pines sprinkled with dew. Fresh gentle breezes brush the cheek Each step inching closer to the peak. Each stride leading higher upward The traveler moves ever onward.
Vast vista expanding, glimpse of glens, Awesome splendor that never ends. Furry rodents madly scurrying all about, Harbingers of treasures arrogantly they flout. Song birds announcing the coming Of an ever so long awaited Spring, Following, often leading, the lone pilgrim In search of a hermitage on the rim.
Spectrum of blooms a dazzling display Brightens even the most dreary day. Buds of contagious beauty Nature has created by duty. Seemingly infecting the viscous air Petals discordantly flatter here and there Settling to form an aromatic carpet Adornment for an uninviting thicket.
The determined traveler continues to ascend Foliage and signs of life soon come to an end. Heavy breath visible as wisps Escaping vapor about his lips. The final summit, no point higher The panorama, a fulfillment of desire. Well due rest, allowing the euphoric mind A moment of bliss, a chance to unwind.
No shelter in sight it becomes increasingly clear That one would not soon miraculously appear. The predecessors had contentedly sat In open solitude, anything near as a mat. Bare rocks, fallen trunks Arranged by earlier monks. Transforming each humble pile, A comfortable roost for awhile. Burrowing down into the depths of the mind Our meditator unravels thoughts entwined. Layers of deceptions and chaos fall 'way As the monkey mind begins to obey. Control of the inner self is achieved When pent-up suffering is relieved. A center is found. Nirvana at last. Peace an undisturbed pool is cast.
Foundation, a dynamic equanimity Pleasing becomes certain priority. Insightful revelations of grace, Illusion and confusion to replace. Focus unveils incredible enlightenment, Gems in the trivial found with excitement. How did solutions to life's mysteries Elude humanity for so many centuries? The spell is broken and the awaken soul Materializes with a newfound goal. The mind and the body are reunited In a changed being quite delighted. A different person begins an inspired descent, The return an effortless glide of content. The tranquil soul carried along in a trance, An enlightened bodhisattva by happenstance. With respect, bowing deeply before YOU . . . Ted Agombar / OH Ga -Ba http://spaces.msn.com/members/ted-in-korea


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