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WebSideStory Pick of the Week! 3/16/98

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    Generation Y And The Internet
    By Rowan Millar
    Going With The Flow
    As a whole, our generation just goes with the flow without much of a unique opinion about the internet. Statistically we are very wired, logged on, etc., but then that's not an organic idea of our own, but the ambition of older generations who are encouraging us and selling it to us. There's this outlook that has become status quo in America which looks at a kid without internet connection as if they were a starving Ethiopian. Every politician wants to basically enforce cyberspace upon our generation, and there aren't many people voicing opinions to the contrary. Certainly Gen Yers aren't. Nobody wants to question the supposed internet revolution because of the shear force of the thing.
    Steeped In Consumerism and Technology
    In a way, Generation Y was the first generation to be fully dragged into the mosh pit of consumerism at birth. In the 80's, there were whole armies of people whose job was to sell things to us. We grew up in the early heyday of video games, and for many of us, they were an integral part of our daily existence. Thus, we are very at home with technology and I think for many of us it's been a part of our identity. Video games have prepared and groomed us for our recent marriage to cyberspace. And our birth into consumerism has prepared us as well.
    My Relationship To The Internet
    As much as I basically hate the tech industry for it's greed and irresponsibillity, I myself have spent a great deal of time with computers and the internet. My parents never allowed a television in the house, but they encouraged me to use our computers. My mom has worked in the tech arena for over a decade and my dad has for a few years now, and computers were looked at as good things in my family of course. Once we got internet connection, I wasted no time in exploring all the ins and outs of it, and I especially have spent a lot of time chatting online. I've also used the Web to study things, and it has been a great tool for that. It definately is an interesting technology.
    My Opinion
    My main complaint against the tech industry is the environmental impact it has and the damage in health that low level employees suffer from. Silicon Valley, my home, has the most toxic soil in America and most of the toxins are from tech plants. This is the area John Steinbeck's book, Pastures of Heaven, was written about, between the ocean chill of San Francisco and the scorching desert further south. It has some of the most fertile soil on earth. Why have they chosen here, of all places, to dump their toxic sludge? I'm not against the technology as long as it's handled responsibly, but it isn't.

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