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      Interview with Amanda Nelson

    Jeri Maier: One of our goals here at Boomers International is being a creative force as well as a source of information and resources for baby boomers and seniors of the world. However, we also stride to involve other generations and to bridge the generation gaps by getting involved and keeping upwith younger generations.

    Young generations are tomorrow's future leaders and future workers who will carry the torches and lead the courses of our world into the future.

    Today, I am so proud to introduce you to Amanda Nelson. Amanda is a very talent young lady. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Se7en Magazine which debuted online on September 4, 2004.

    Q: Jeri Maier: I was introduced to your by T. J. I am very impressed with all the work you put into the magazine. It is a first class, first rate, work of creative art and writing. You must have spent considerate amount of time on this project. Can you tell me how you got started?

    A: Amanda Nelson: I have always wanted to start my own magazine after working for two other ones in the past. I had ideas of my own, for what I wanted to see work in the publication business, and wanted to try to execute those ideas. I was brainstorming one evening and came up with se7en. It is currently an online magazine only at this time - as Iam looking for an investor to take it to print.

    Q: Jeri Maier: For an opening question I would like you to tell our reader about yourself and your background of earlier life before

    A: Amanda Nelson: I went to UCF, in Orlando for Computer Animation, BFA. I had word from a friend that he was looking for a Creative Director for a national magazine- so I went in to apply for the job and got it. I was the Creative Director of Industry Magazine. I was in charge of a staff of 20+. I laid out the creative aspect of the magazine, ad design, articles, etc. I also was in charge of the website, getting photography, and sometimes taking some of the photography.

    Q: Jeri Maier: Who inspired you to start this magazine and or how did you get the idea about this magazine?

    A: Amanda Nelson: The inspiration comes from me leaving Industry to make a magazine bigger and better than what I worked on in the past. When I got the job doing a magazine, I fell in love. I wanted to continue on doing what I love, I wont quit til I succeed. My ideas come from seeing what I thought did not work, and did work in the publication business.

    Q: Jeri Maier: Do you have a team of production department staff who are working on the magazine full time?

    A: Amanda Nelson: I have a great team of workers, and contributors that help make se7en work. Without all the help and time these fantastic people give to se7en, it wouldn't be what it was! (thank you!)

    Q: Jeri Maier: What is your happiest moment in life - besides the launching of your online magazine?

    A: Amanda Nelson: My life is good in general. I have not much to complain about- Life is a journey of ups and downs.

    Q: Jeri Maier: What is your most challenging tasks in this project?

    A: Amanda Nelson: Finding an investor would be a start.

    Q: Jeri Maier: How do you plan to make this magazine a printed monthly or bi-monthly magazine?

    A: Amanda Nelson: I am planning on printing se7en bi-monthly. If the right investor comes along, monthly.

    Q: Jeri Maier: How do you plan to fund this project?

    A: Amanda Nelson: I am looking for an investor.

    Q: Jeri Maier: How far along with the project? and do you plan to be the editor-in-chief always?

    A: Amanda Nelson: I am currently working on the 2nd issue of se7en. It will go "live" Novemeber 1st. It will be dedicated to my best friend I lost to cancer. There are articles on cancer - "beauty for a cause" that people can read about to get involved also. I also am planning a launch party for se7en in Novemeber in Los Angeles. It will be a fashion show, cancer benefit, and launch of se7en party. Do I plan on being the Editor-In-Chief always? Yes.

    Q: Jeri Maier: Do you plan to have the same format or do you plan to evolve in the future?

    A: Amanda Nelson: The format will change, as se7en is online only now. The average online viewer is young. The demographics of a printed version will be an older age group- and the editorial and fashion will also be suited to the more mature age groups.

    Q: Jeri Maier: Do you have a distribution plan? or subscribers' drive?

    A: Amanda Nelson: I have a subscriber list now for the online version. I want to distribute nationally, then internationally.

    Q: Jeri Maier: Are they paid subscriber or complimentatry?

    A: Amanda Nelson: Subscription is complimentary - until I goto print. .

    Jeri Maier: Amanda, I want to thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us about yourself and your creative project. Best wishes, peace, love and the prosperities of life to you always.

Copyright 1996 - 2003 Boomers International, All rights reserved.

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