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    Full Circle


    Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 18:03:58 -0500
    From: "Maria Mango"
    Subject: Full Circle

    Hola, aloha! i am far away from the places where mangos grow and these warm grettings are spoken, and yet the glowing embers of unconditional love continue to fill my heart and surround my life with warmth as fall changes into winter up here in Manitoba. In Anishnabe it means "where creator sits", right in the middle of Turtle Island.

    So i came up here for Canadian thanksgiving last month, and right now it's up in the air as to what the next move is. i might stay a while and deepen my connections with friends and family and work on music here, or i could head back to the warmer west coast on a wing and a prayer and see what happens out there. Seattle, Olympia, and of course San Francisco, these are all options. Maybe Hawaii or Mexico. Maybe it'll be a surprise. I'm praying and waiting for the right answer or opportunity.

    My main goal is to find some love-minded musicians to jam with and do some recording this winter, i could literally release a box set right now! But really i want to create my dream CD. The other two i have done were both rush jobs, recorded in one day, one take for the most part, and i would love to take the time to create more of a soundscape... Those were snapshots of where i was at, now i feel called to create a masterpiece! This could happen anywhere, i am open to God's suggestions and cosmic connections... and it would be great to find some folks who don't have too many worldly attatchments and would be willing to go on the road for a summer festival tour. Anyone feelin free out there? Email or give me a call 1-877-600-6778. Oh yeah, that's somethin new, you can leave me messages now (it's toll free) and if you're in the Bay area there's a local number, 415-783-2225. Please leave me poems, stories, songs, rants, chants, whatever! i would love to stay connected with all you beautiful people, wherever you are now!

    I have been considering making Winnipeg my home base again, gosh it's been almost two years of travellin since i had a home base, it could be nice to have some personal space and dude, Winnipeg is the home of cheap rents!! Winter is nice, it is a time to go within and reflect, it is a season that deepens wisdom. Though i experienced my first snowless winter in California last year and it was joyful, i know that 23 long dark winters made me who i am today. Makes one feel they can survive anything. I love the blank canvas of a snow-covered landscape. Makes you feel like you could create anything. Yet the snow is coming later and later every year, and less of it, and though it is easy to enjoy the mild weather on a day to day level, deep down i am very troubled and i know mother earth has a fever because she is very sick.

    The mock US election results are rather disheartening. i have little faith the polititions are going to change things much anyway. The real change starts inside ourselves, then ripples out to our families and our communities, and by that time world peace and unity is inevitable... act in harmony with nature and your sacred higher self, and make concious life-loving choices. YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE, THAT WAS PART OF THE FREE WILL DEAL... Let us conciously leave behind the old paradigm of hatred, selfishness, and fear; let's all join the emerging culture of love, creativity, and co-operation. Global community. We're all in this together! Now is the time. Keep collecting and planting and nurturing those seeds of change, not just for ourselves, but so our children's children's children will have a beautiful world to grow up in as well... In lakech.

    Much love,
    Maria Mango

    * Star Seed Harmony Music *
    * *

    Archived from The San Francisco Chronicle

    Please subscribe to the paper if you live in San Francisco !!!!

    Editor's Note:
    We archived this article and Maria is approved of it. We want to have it available to share with you. Most articles on online newspapers as well as many web magazines do not stay online for more than a few months or days and most articles are not being archived by the original web sites.

    IF you are going to San Francisco.....
    Be Sure to wear some flowers in your hair...
    Listen to the song....
    ......... and don't forget.....
    We love you!!!

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