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    Memory Lane - Goerge Harrison

      The sun shines brightly this morning when I got up and out of bed at about 9:00am. "Good Day Sunshine" Well, I was up earlier at 4:30 am to let the cat out. Then, I got online and worked on some articles for our Boomers website. I went back to bed at 6:00am. "A Hard Day's Night" I already heard about George Harrison on various sites on the Internet. I posted a couple of messages on Yahoo Boomers Int'l message boards before I went back to back at 6:00am. "Idol Lane" It rained on and off yesterday and I knew then that we would have a beautiful day on the ranch today, We usually have a great day following a rainy day. As it is today, a clear blue skies and clean crisp air with a view and miles and miles of scenery. The hills, the snow covered mountains, green meadows, acres of vineyards, and barren brown fields. After a cup of steaming hot coffee, I settled down to a local newspaper and various news on TV. After that I logged on to AOL again. There was a big pictorial tribute about George and The Beatles on AOL.

      "Abbey Road" My mind kept wondering back to the Beatles, and George Harrison and his life. I started to download photos from BBC, AOL and Yahoo web sites just couldn't have enough of them now.... "Eight Days A Week" This afternoon, I searched for and found The Beatle's book, The Beatles - A Private View by Robert Freeman. I bought the book in 1992. It was published in USA in 1990. I thumb through the book, reminisced about the time I spent in London around in mid 60's and the time I was dating in Bangkok, Thailand in early 70's. Most the songs we listened to at most of the parties we went to then were The Beatles'. "Help!" On page 73 of The Beatles book: 'What do you consider the most important thing in life?' George: 'Love' "Love Me Do" Before I went to London, I discovered The Beatles on our high school's trips to the movie theatre. (I believed it was Ben-Hur or The Ten Commandments? Well, I remembered vaguely that Charleston Heston was in the movie) The bonus movie trail was a documentary film about The Beatles' tours in the USA and on Ed Sullivan's show. (?February 1964) We never heard of those 4 long hair chaps with sweet melodic tune of songs from England, but after we saw and heard them with our own eyes ......

      "She Loves You" They got us wrapped around their fingers!!! That was my first love-in experience with the Bealtes and all through the 60's and 70's there were many, many, many more, songs.. and then the rest, well it is history ... London, Carnaby Street, King Street, The Mods and The Rockers..... Soho, Talfalgar Sqare... Kensington Garden.. San Francisco, Medison Square.. "Something" Pardon my diatribes.. I was in London in the middle of The Beatlesmania from 1964 to 1966. My personal mania with the Beatles didn't end after I left London to go back to Bangkok, Thailand in the midst of Vietnam War era.... "I Want To Hold Your Hands" I am going to gather the Beatles albums around the house here and continue to reflect and think back about all the songs and the sweet memories that they evoked. I am beginning to realize again how they have instilled and impacted my life and millions other lives all over the world citizens, Boomers, GenXers, and even GenYers. A headline news on the Internet mentioned that it is the end of an era. The End Of An Era? The Beatles, a part of the musical and cultural revolutions in the 60's. Georeg Harrison is the quiet one. The headlines said.. We will miss him and his music will be with us forever. May be he was the quiet one but his music and his talents were not to be forgotten... Here Comes The Sun A sad day indeed. Sergent Lonely Hearts Club Band Goerge Harrison, John Lennon and The Bealtes have given us so much pleasure at the time of our life. Imagine Imagine Peace ON EARTH during very moment in time!!! All through the day today people are gathering at Strawberry Fields in New York. They left flowers and candles on The Beatles' Stars on the Walk of Stars in Hollywood. There was a big tribute in Liverpool and I am sure there are many other gatherings around the world in memorial of George Harrison. So Sad All through the day and into the late of night.... Throngs of stars, musicians, song writers, critics, fans and an interview by Larry King of George Harrison's sister who lives in Illinois. My Sweet Lord Another day, another chapter of our lives..... Let It Be We love you George! While My Guitar Gently Weeps We will always love you! "All Things Must Pass"

      Appropriately, it is a Blue Moon night tonight. Peace, Love and Light, Jeri BBC News Orbituary:

      Goerge Harrison's Albums: ---------------------------------- The Best Of George Harrison ---------------------------------- Something If I Needed Someone Here Comes The Sun Taxman Think For Yourself For You Blue While My Guitar Gently Weeps My Sweet Lord Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) You Bangla Desh Dark Horse What Is Life --------------------------------- Album: Dark Horse --------------------------------- Hari's On Tour (Express) Simply Shady So Sad Bye Bye, Love Mya Love Ding Dong, Ding Dong Dark Horse Far East Man It Is "He" (Jai Sri Krishna) --------------------------------- By : Jeri Maier, Copyright Southern California
      --------------------------------- George Harrison's solo albums "Wonderwall" 1969 "Electronic Sound" 1969 "All Things Must Pass" 1970 "The Concert for Bangla Desh 1971 "Living in the Material World" 1973 "Dark Horse" 1974 "Extra Texture (Read All About It)" 1975 "The Best of George Harrison" 1976 "Thirty-Three and 1/3" 1976 "George Harrison" 1979 "Somewhere in England" 1981 "Gone Troppo 1982" "Cloud Nine 1987" "Best of Dark Horse 1976-1989" 1989 "Live in Japan" 19 from: The Concert for Bangla Desh was a first in rock benefits By: James Sullivan, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer Saturday, December 1, 2001 Harrison had love-Haight relationship with S.F.
      Former Beatle bolstered Free Clinic, but found hippies 'hideous'
      By: Ben Fong-Torres, a former Chronicle reporter.

Copyright 1996 - 2000 Boomers International, All rights reserved.

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