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03/04/2003 Archived Entry: "Boomers Message Boards"

All the Baby Boomers area message board are accessible without logging in:

Except these private forums / discussion boards


You have to register here:

You can register at these sites:

To join Boomers International web site Please register here:

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Posted by SCUMS OF THE INTERNET (Spammers!)

That's is the link to the newest community forum.

You can click on my name on the first message.


Posted by Jeri @ 03/18/2004 01:29 AM CST

Ofcourse, now I have to add the latest community forums to this list.

It is members only except for a few forums which we allows guest to post message there.

Peace & Love,

Posted by Jeri @ 03/18/2004 01:27 AM CST

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