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03/06/2003 Entry: "Need These Web Pages - Work In Process"

    Dear Eric:
    We need to work on these web pages :

    We can work on This one first:
    1) Boomer Of The Month:

    2) Need to add a link to Clay Cotton (need a page for him also)
    Boomer Of the Month - April 2003 to that page #1

    3) Need to get his bio and create a page:
    (Wrote to him and waiting for reply)

    Got graphics on here:

    3) Need to get his bio and create a page:
    (Wrote to him and waiting for reply)

    4) Create a page for Craig Nathanson

    Use this format:

    Add links to Craig's articles:

    Twenty Ways To Refuel Your Creativity.

    Do You Own Your Own Employability?

    Add Craig's Email for Vocational Advices - Q&A

    Email: Web site:
    Workshops, publications, private coaching, retreats

    Craig's own web site:
    The Vocational Coach™
    ''Guiding you to discover and live your vocational passion''

    Also need to do in the near future:
    1) Love is Ageless - Book Review, Virtual Interview
    2) Long Strange Road - Grateful Dear Book Review
    3) Newsletter for Spring 2003
    4) This FREE Online CLasses site will go away, needs to create our own Free Online Classes
    Links on this page: (Use the same format)

    Just make new links to various site that we can find on the internet.
    (For the time being and we can create our won classes later)

    I have a list that I will post for this later on.

    An example : Free CLASSES only

    How to - Internet Web page Class
    PSP Graphic classes
    Java classes
    PERL classes
    Explorer and Using Internet classes.

    Thank you Eric,

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    Hi, this is a great blog. Great topic also. keep it going on.

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