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03/06/2003 Entry: "Craig Nathanson's Bio"

Craig Nathanson M.S/M.A The Vocational Coach™

Craig Nathanson was very successful in corporate America for over 25 years doing all the right things and following all the right steps. Yet, he was empty inside, good at things he didn’t care deeply about. After several layoffs and a brief but thought provoking bit of introspect, he decided to finally follow his perfect vocational day of teaching, counseling and writing combined with daily running and quality time with family. As a result life has changed. The change is much more; however, than increased family time and more possibilities to do what he wants to do each day. It is deeper. He has a renewed sense of the world around him and in his local community. People seem more interesting, there is so much to learn, and the air is fresher to breathe.
Craig Nathanson is The Vocational Coach™ dedicated to guiding individuals to discover and experience their vocational passions. Craig offers private coaching, retreats, seminars and workshops.
Craig’s audience includes those in and or approaching mid-life, professionals in the helping fields and educational institutions and organizations seeking to include vocational life making skills in their curriculum.
Additionally, he is an adjunct professor at California State University, Hayward in the school of business and economics. Craig has consulted with individuals and organizations in transition guiding them to be resourceful, confident and to believe in themselves. Craig’s research has focused around “the experience of vocational passion.’’ Craig is the author of the popular workbook, ''Believe in Yourself, a Practical Guide

in Leading Yourself and Others'' and multiple mini-books and workshops on personal and organizational growth. Craig has been an executive, senior manager, trainer, counselor and internal consultant for 25 years working in large Fortune 100 companies as well as several internet start-ups, one of which he was an original founder.
Craig is a Ph.D. candidate at the Fielding Institute in Human Development where his dissertation is focused on ‘’The experience of Vocational Passion at Mid-life’’ expected to complete in late 2003 and has been researching mid-life transition for the past eight years. He holds two masters’ degrees in Telecommunications Management and Human Development and an undergraduate degree in Human Relations and Organizational Behavior. Craig is a member of the Association of Humanistic Psychology and the American Society of University Professors. Craig describes himself as a writer, teacher, counselor, speaker, researcher, father, husband, community volunteer, vocational coach and marathoner. Craig was one of three Americans selected to speak at the 1996 national quality conference in San Salvador to focus on the theme “Rebuilding Human Resources through Quality.” Craig has delivered workshops and individual counseling to individuals seeking vocational change and growth. Craig describes his purpose in life to be spirited, compelled, and passionate, enabling those who cross his path to make a difference! Craig lives in Danville, California with his wife of 19 years and their three children.
Publications by Craig Nathanson

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And multiple articles on personal growth©

One Day Workshops (Contact Craig Nathanson for information)

Discover and experience your vocational passion©

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A right brain approach to planning©

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