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04/24/2003 Entry: "Next Project."

I am working on Creating a mini pages for Nostalia .. It will features many of the anniversaries that occured or are coming up in 2003.

I have been collecting articles and graphics for various stories...

NBC 75 anniversary.
ABC anniversary.
Harley-Davidson anniversary.
Corvette anniversary.
BMW ... there are few that I can not think of right now but I have a list on my PC...

I am working on Woodstock 30 years book review.. I will post here soon.
Let me know if you can think of anything else.. I will keep all my ideas here..
I will create a directory on AOL site to keep the grahics there.. It helps reducing the disk spaces at the main boomers web server ... Currently we are maxed out.. AOL boomersint id has 25 Meg. disk spaces that I can use

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