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01/03/2004 Entry: "HAPPY NEW YEAR"

It's been awhile and a lot has happened since we last sent out a
Newsletter, (NL). Welcome to all the new folks on the list. We both hope
your holidays are happy, and your families secure

At the dawn of the New Year, I would like to take this opportunity to
thank everyone who is involved with our groups and web site.
I want to thank you all for a job well done.

Although there are so many to mention... for your dedication,
and hard work....

I especially wish to thank Tina Marie, who has unselfishly given
her many hours to monitor and moderate our Boomers International Yahoo Group.
She is doing an excellent job to screen out spammers and unsuitable messages.

To Judy, Richard and Shari & Jolene for maintaining such a
lively and a friendly Boomers Love Connection group at Yahoo
The group is very lively and active with 1000+ of messages per month.
To members of Single Boomers at Yahoo for a fun group conversations
and friendship that you all contributed to and participated in.

To Craig Nathanson for providing so many great & inspiring articles about Boomers Midlife and Career.
To Laura for assisting on Boomers LoveTheOldies at MSN and for providing music information.
To Margaret for your wonderful poems and for doing a great job moderating Poetry forum
and providing uplifting messages to our members and friends.
To Heather for your dedication in your moderating of BoomersInt's Community forum.
To Bruce for your daily poems (where are you Bruce?)
To Deryl for your support on BoomersInt site and Yahoo Boomers Int group.
To Eric for all your help with the site and for archiving 10000+ of our Yahoo messages.
and for helping with Boomers Int web site.
To Bill for your support in the past as our moderator and
a faithful daily chat host at our Boomers Int Yahoo group.
To Ron - (BeachboyRon) and Dan (invictusi) for your long lasting friendship
over these years.

To our many other members who share your messages, information and your lives with our groups.
..... for without all of you, there would be no Boomers International.

To our visitors who visited and left messages of encourangement and some who left
no comments but we know that you were here to visit us......
.... for without you, there would be no point in maintaining Boomers International.

Featured Members.
Visit our main site once a while since you might be see your
photo on our main page!!
Be sure to check out our new community Forums which are already very active.
It offer you more resources and more opportunities to participate directly in our community.

You can expect to see refinements and additions on our web site in this coming year --
These are some of the FREE services that we currently offer:
1) Community bulletin boards for members only.
2) Many boards for business and personal advertising.
3) The calendar of events.
4) New photographs Gallery.
5) New Personal Ads.
6) Directory for your business site listing.
7) Web Rings for your business and personal site.
8) Auction site to post your products and services for sale.
9) Email account.
10) Create your own web site.

Features coming in the future:
1) The weblog or BLOG.
2) Submit articles by web.

Many of you have submitted articles and poems which we have published on the site.

I look forward to being in touch with you in this coming year.

With best wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous and safe New Year ~

If you are NOT on our mailing list and wish to be added.....( you
will receive only our newsletter) please notify me at
All mail will be sent BCC and your address will stay confidential,
only to be seen by you and myself.

If you wish to be taken OFF our mailing list or for future address
changes, please notify mel.

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nice site here, for other quality sites check these out.... @ 11/18/2004 09:12 AM CST

Nice site lady.

Posted by Magic @ 03/18/2004 01:22 AM CST

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