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As we celebrate the holidays, we at Boomers International want to wish you
and your loved ones a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukah, and a Happy New Year
from all of us. We hope the spirit of Christmas remains with all of us
throughout 2006 and may the joy of the season bring you renewed happiness on
this day and everyday throughout the New Year.

This time of year is a time of giving and receiving of gifts, of shared
merriment and good cheer. Boomers International is all about sharing, be it
the sharing of our lives,our expertise, or our thoughts and feelings.

We also wish to thank you for your support and for helping to make Boomers
International what it is today--nearly a million hits per month with over
5000+ members worldwide, and growing.

We are grateful for those who have supported us and helped us through this
journey that we have taken together since 1996. So if you have been away for
awhile, come back and visit us again. You will be amazed at some of the new
writers, new articles and new and exciting features that have joined our
website. So give us a new look. We'd love to see you again.

After all these years, we still remain a fun and inspiring place to be,
thanks to our good friends at the main web site and our good friends at MSN
Groups & Yahoo Groups: NYJudy, Marry Anne, Shari, Anita, RonBeachman, Van,
Wings, YYDD, Craig Nathanson, Invictusi,Poetry38, Laura, Margaret and Linda.


Interview of Jack Klugman, Tony And Me author.
Farewell to 2005.
Heroes of Our Time.
Baby Boomers In The News.
Quality articles and QA for boomers.
Inspirational writings.
New Ask Me A Question Page.


Hi fellow boomers. My name is Linda Sittler and I'm happy to be your Boomer
Women's Editor. You can find my name and picture by scrolling down the main
page of the website. Look for me there and use the links to visit my new
web pages.

My Articles page includes humorous stories about the sandwich
generation--baby boomers caught between elderly parents and grown
children--plus more serious calls to action and whatever else strikes my
fancy (like my article about Paul McCartney, whose live concert I recently

I hope you'll also visit my new Ask Me A Question page. Although I don't
claim to be an expert in any field, I've been a wife, a parent, a daughter,
a baby boomer in a sandwich household, a teacher, an editor, a writer, a
volunteer hotline counselor, and an online adolescent advisor.

Best of all I'm a good listener, so if there's something on your mind, let's
discuss it. I'll try to answer you to the best of my ability.

My Questions Archive will list all the questions that I've answered before.
Scroll through them and read the ones that interest you.

Again, I'm glad to meet you and I hope that we will get to know each other
better. There's no telling what we baby boomers can do if we continue to be
passionate about life and put our hearts and minds together.

I wish you peace, hope and joy for the New Year and for all your precious
days. May you do exactly what you would like in this lifetime--to your own
benefit and that of other people.

Linda Sittler

Peace, Love and Light,
Jeri Maier & Boomers Int Team.

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