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Pick of the Week! 3/16/98

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By Scott Farmer, MS, CES, CSCS, CHFI

    Hello everyone,

    Over vacation I had an opportunity to read two books by Dr. Martin Seligman. One called authentic happiness and the other learned optimism. Both of these books had an undercurrent theme. Simply living a life of altruisms is the greatest way to have piece of mind. In all my years as a cardiac therapist and counselor I never fully realized the power of helping the common good of mankind and how it could be the key to a restless mind and sole. Knowing that you are doing something that is truly special, no matter what you get in return can provide an inner satisfaction that no drug or self fulfilling adventure can give you.

    Did you know that research demonstrates a greater increase in healthy hormones when we do things for other over doing things for your self? Imagine that volunteering could actually produce better feelings, a stronger immune system, than going on a vacation or buying you a gift. Doing things for the betterment of our fellow human can increase quality and quantity of life. Many people fear talking to dying patients; thinking this type of work will produce depression. But the paradox is simple; while it may be sad to watch, it actually decreases depression. Many of us have had the blues in the past; I in particular have battled depression for years, trying different medication, different therapies and reading a ton of books without any drastic improvement. But this past week, while seeing the devastation of a hurricane and watching this poverty stricken people work together for the betterment of their country was something that began to chain of reaction that I can only describe as medicinal.

    On my flight home, while reading Dr. Seligman's book, a light went on that made so much sense to me. If you ever wondered why the depression rate has skyrocketed some 60% since WWII and why the most pronounced professional field for developing depression is in lawyers (which I may add surpassed physicians as the top paying field) I may be able to give to you some insight. You see, if you microscope the research; living in a warmer climate, making more money, having fancier cars, having a more prestigious job have no correlation to being less likely depressed. Nor does being poor, having an elementary job put you at greater risk of becoming depressed.

    The real trick in life is to live on filled with gratification. Gratification is a life where time seems to stand still: like reading a good book, doing pottery, bowling with friends or playing sports. Success in sport however had no barring on depression. So as a hockey coach I implore all parents to celebrate the child and not the victories. A lesson I have learned the hard way at times. Life is a continual learning experience and continuing to make corrections as we go is a wonderful way to learn. Dr. Maxwell Maltz, plastic surgeon and author of Psycho Cybernetics, describes a servomechanism in all of us. Parallel to this description is what Dr. Seligman describes as human evolution to a win win situation. We are biologically wired to act in a natural way. Babies, like puppies, are cute for a reason. They make it desirable to take close care of this vulnerable living creature. Dr. Maltz says we are like a bicycle, if we are not moving in the direction that biology has intended we simple loose balance and loose our course.

    The historical description of selling is not about profits and bottom lines. The historical definition of selling is about providing a service or a product that truly fulfills the needs of our human species.

    One of the reasons I have chosen to leave the hospital and start a lifestyle management business is that I was looking for more gratification. Doing something that I so whole heartily believed in and that I could feel good about was the only path I knew I could take.

    The team of physicians that I work with, and hold the same beliefs as I do, have made leaving a high paying job, albeit less altruistic because administers take true human compassion away by forcing units and bottom line philosophy even though they preach in the local papers, patients first. Waiora has made my transition easier because now I have gratification. I am finally doing something that I feel good about because I am helping people in an area that all of us need help, aging.

    Aging is not what I consider getting chronologically older, but a process in which the human organism begin to falter because of environmental factors that we can't control.

    If one person feels that he/she is not familiar with how badly our environment is, relative to our health, think only of this one startling fact; the US is the richest nation on the earth and ranks number one in medical service provided. However, this country is only 32 in terms of healthy nations and we are becoming more and more depressed and anxious. The leading demographics in increased depression/anxiety, obesity and type II diabetes fall in our children. According the Dr. Seligman's research, the US will soon loose its power rankings if things are not changed. We must begin a change in paradigm where we look to prevention instead of waiting for a cure; we should be encouraged to look for the betterment of the family, community, and country. By taking steps, that at first glance may appear to be going backwards but actually put us going forward, we can maintain our status as, not being the wealthiest nation, the most nurturing and giving nation on the planet.

    Is Waiora a company that provides all this? Of course not, but follow the sequence of events that could put things in motion. First, if we take care of our health and provide research based products that can help prevent disease and we can make more than enough money doing this, then we can look to become more altruistic in our family, communities and eventually our country. Do we have to make the money to be more altruistic? No, but by helping people help themselves gives us the power of gratification. As I said earlier, years or accumulative research shows that making more money is not a buffer from depression. However, if by helping others and making money a two fold benefit arises; you are helping people live longer healthier lives and you are able to give back to your community any amount of the money you like, maybe helping them start a home franchise business like this. And some are making good money. Remember, money is not evil but greed is. So I encourage you all that are using the products and or are selling the products, don't be afraid to share the knowledge even if it means money in your pocket. But remember, the money you earn is never going to create the gratification that comes with helping others.

    Please share with all your friends and encourage them to visit our website at

    In health,

    Scott M Farmer MS. CSCS., CES
    Minnesota Health Fitness and Sports ™
    President and Owner
    Exercise Physiologist and Strength Coach
    Certified Cardiac Therapist
    State Certified Smoking Cessation Counselor
    Waiora Consultant and Broker
    Set up your own home based business, I can help!

    Where all natural meets medicinal

    Mission Statement: To provide, in the most altruistic manner, products and educational services representing the betterment of the common!

    Toll Free 1-866-663-2502
    Local 1-320-281-4032
    Fax 1-320-230-1691

    Scott holds a master's degree in exercise physiology. He is certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and as a Clinical Exercise Specialist through the American College of Sports Medicine. Scott has also studied hockey specific training under Peter Twist, an eleven-year veteran strength conditioning coach for the Vancouver Canucks.
    Athletically, Scott has played and trained in sports for over 30 years; having played High School, College, Semi-Pro and Amateur baseball. He has coached athletes from the little league level up to high school and is a certified hockey coach with USA Hockey TM

    Scott Farmer MS, CSCS, CES (Coordinator)
    Bachelor Degree in Exercise Physiology. University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 1990
    Master Degree in Exercise Physiology with an emphasis cardiac rehab and counseling. Old Dominion University, Norfolk VA 1992
    Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist. American College of Sports Medicine 1994 to present
    Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. National Strength and Conditioning Association 2001 to present
    Board member of Minnesota Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (MNACVPR) 1994 to 2004
    President of MNACVPR 1996
    Cardiac Therapist/Clinical Cardiology 1992 to 2005
    Owner of Minnesota Health, Fitness and Sports org. 2002
    Smoking Cessation counselor 1995 to present
    Minnesota state smoking cessation counselor 2003 to present

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