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    By The Editors of Boomers International The word "Boomers," in the context of "Baby Boomers," is defined by how old we are. It is also defined by the year we were born and by the life experiences we have seen. We have lived through way too many wars. We have seen too many disasters -- some of our own making, and some that were thrust upon us by the heavens. We have seen hatred, jealousy, envy, famine, and sorrow. We Boomers have touched every part of life -- from the joy of our children being born, to the death of our loved ones, to the undeniable fact of our own mortality. Every day has brought a new challenge. Sometimes we have succeeded, at other times we have failed. Hopefully, we have gained wisdom along the way. A new day has dawned. It is time for a change. It is now the dawn of a new day and a New World. As the year 2000 swept across the planet from time zone to time zone, we saw with our own eyes that WE are truly one people -- one human race. A new century is upon us. The time has come to share more than our age, more than our experiences, more than our triumphs, more than our sorrows. It is time to SHARE OUR HUMANITY. We, as Boomers, have inhabited this beautiful planet for a very short time. As we all know, our world is getting smaller every day. The advancement of science and technology has given us the wonderful opportunity to reach out and around the globe as we never have before. The flip of the calendar from December 31, 1999 to January the 1,2000 has brought us new horizons. We can see further than we ever have before. We can reach out and touch another hand -- and share. We can extend the LOVE and the GOODNESS and the WISDOM that humankind has blessed us with to people of every age, every race, and every religion to every corner of this beautiful planet. GOODNESS and LOVE and WISDOM is the answer for this new age. SHARING it with all humanity is what we must do. If we want our children -- and their children -- to have the best world possible, we must do our part and we must do it NOW. We must replace ENVY and JEALOUSY with COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS. We must replace IGNORANCE with KNOWLEDGE. We must replace WAR with PEACE. We must replace FAMINE with ABUNDANCE. We must replace HATE with LOVE. Looking into a mirror. If we do this right, and if we have learned from our past, we can change the world. By holding up a mirror up to ourselves and saying, "Look into my heart. It is filled with only goodness and compassion and love," and sharing that reflection with everyone we touch, then -- and only then -- can we make this new dawning, this new Century, and this new Millennium, a time of growth, wisdom, and love. BEHOLD THE MIRACLE OF A SHARED HUMANITY. Now is the TIME and this is the PLACE.
    Welcome to Boomers International.
Copyright 1996 - 2000 Boomers International, All rights reserved.

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