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    Please click on the subject highlighted in green to 
    read each article: 
    Come back and visit us again for the new articles. MIND TOOLS - OCT/NOV '01 We create with our intention. Here are two more tools you can use to align your conscious mind with your inner conscious mind. These tools reduce anxiety and produce more enjoyment and ease. When at ease, we are graceful, more eloquent and creative; we are more persuasive and attractive as well. UNIVERSAL LOVE - SEP '01 On Sept 11, 2001, we observed how reacting leaves us victim to fear and void of creative thought. Shifting from a *reactive* to *creative* response, opens us up to a deeper reality. This *other* reality shatters the illusion of separateness and we discover that the antidote to the darkness of fear is the light of universal love. YOU'RE NOT GOING CRAZY, YOU'RE JUST WAKING UP - NOV/DEC 00 Through the metaphoric wisdom of a Native American elder, we discover the growth available in self observation and the power of attention. These practices increase our awareness of the two very real voices within; a fearful one and a loving one. As you glimpse the symptoms of greater awareness, don't be fooled; indeed, you're not going crazy, you are just waking up. FROM JUDGMENT TO LOVE - AUG/SEPT '00 Perceive the meaningfulness and perfection of your interpersonal relationships. Learn to resonate with empathic love, and observe yourself and others with compassion and understanding. This article will help you shift from Judgment to Love. In doing so, you'll attract more joyful and loving relationships into your world. DYNAMIC MEDITATION - THE FABULOUS 5 - JULY '00 You don't need tea leaves or have to have your palm read to know what your future will be; all you need to do is pay attention to what you're thinking and feeling. The Fabulous 5 gives you tools to flood your consciousness with rich and delicious outcomes, for a wonderfully balanced life. SLOW DOWN AND BENEFIT FROM "NEGATIVE" EMOTIONS - MAY/JUN '00 Madison Avenue feeds our desire for instant fixes. Have an ache? Here's a pill; Not enough time to eat? Here's some fast food. Unfortunately, this rush to pleasure cuts us off from the much deeper and more satisfying life which emotional soul-work offers. So, strip the label of "negative" from these less than pleasant moods and learn how to reappraise them as an opportunity for greater joy and pleasure with The Body-Mind Wisdom Model PREFLIGHT FOR SUCCESS - APR '00 Shortly after the glee and joyful exuberance from the attainment of a deeply heartfelt goal, many report a "flat" feeling and even a sense of tiredness, fatigue and boredom. The good news is that these feelings offer some valuable insights. Before you start rushing off to the next destination, use these whole brain mental exercises designed to prime and tune your mental success engine. Have a terrific flight. THE TOP TEN SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES FOR EVOKING YOUR GREATNESS - FEB/MAR 00 The *inner* Self seeks calmness, ease and peace. By putting your attention gently on these principles, you'll tend to push less, want less and ironically attract and have more! THE TOP TEN MENTAL PRINCIPLES FOR EVOKING YOUR GREATNESS - JAN 00 Are you reaching your full potential in your personal and business life? Learn to dynamically focus your attention, expand limiting beliefs and interrupt the destructive negative self-talk that keeps you from enjoying the success you deserve. When you stop the nonsense thinking, you recapture an enormous amount of time and energy and get on with accomplishing all that you desire in life. A CONGRUENCY MODEL - ALIGNING THE WHOLE YOU - PART II - NOV/DEC 99 Second in a two part series. The awareness drawn from Phase I sets the stage for Phase II - The Re-Creation Phase, where you flow outward from deep within, creating congruency, that is, a smooth, unencumbered flow to realize your intentions. A CONGRUENCY MODEL - ALIGNING THE WHOLE YOU - PART I - OCT 99 If taken seriously, The Congruency Model is a very powerful tool to literally recreate aspects of your life. Phase I is The Awareness and Acceptance Phase, where you flow into deeper levels of yourself to become aware of the blockages that keep you from fulfilling your intentions. CONVERTING A FEARFUL DECISION INTO A LOVING CHOICE AUG 99 When our mind perceives danger, it sends us the message, "I want you to be safe." When we understand the protective nature of the mind, we can shift from the paralysis of fear into loving action. CAN YOU IMAGINE? - JUL 99 H.D. Thoreau shows us how to realize our dreams by combining unbounded imagination with confident action. DO LESS - ACCOMPLISH MORE - JUN 99 Produce more time, efficiency and happiness effortlessly. Focus on what you do best, delegate and dump the rest. DECISIONS, DECISIONS - MAY 99 Wise decisions come easily when you know how to align your values with your natural thinking style - What's yours? The four basic thinking styles are addressed. IN SEARCH OF THE AUTHENTIC SELF - APR 99 Being a non-critical witness to your own behavior is the first step in living a consistently fulfilling authentic life. A JUMP-START TO REALIZING YOUR INTENTIONS - MAR 99 Six key steps to getting a positive start to realizing any intention you desire. NUTRITION FOR OUR SOUL'S INTENTION-ATTENTION - FEB 99 You are the powerful director in your own play of life. Develop a clarity of what you intend to create and keep your attention there. You create whatever your attention is on. ELIMINATE FATIGUE - TEAR UP YOUR TO-DO LIST - JAN 99 Fatigue comes from thinking about what you have to do, not from doing it. With an "existence system," you create momentum and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from accomplishment. The big pay off is the ease you'll delight in from being fully in the present moment. CAN SELF ACKNOWLEDGMENT BE OUR GREATEST GIFT TO OTHERS - NOV 98 Were you given messages that you were supposed to be someone else's idea of who you "should" be? Welcome yourself back with a mental exercise designed to delete the old negative programming and welcome back the real you. BEYOND GOAL SETTING TO GOAL ACHIEVEMENT - OCT '98 The why, what, how and when of goal achievement begins with a compelling vision based on your deep desire for a meaningful life. Align with your personal values and effortlessly flow into action. This whole brain approach offers an organized track blended with the creative spark of imagination. ANOTHER TOOL FOR YOUR TOOL BAG - SEP '98 Blown off course by an emotionally disturbing event? Save yourself hours, days or even weeks of "down" time by making use of this simple, yet effective emotional intelligence tool. WHAT A RACKET - AUG '98 A racket, like adrenaline, is a way of manufacturing energy. Although rackets generate useful energy, there is a life to live and enjoy beyond the use of rackets. ON POSITIVE THINKING - JUL '98 Sorry, we cannot force ourselves to think positively. What we are really after is creating experiences which cause us to have spontaneous, positive thoughts. A recipe on "positive being" is offered.

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    John Felitto, Mind Development Trainer & Coach, 65 Mendolia Ct., Pearl River, NY 10965 (845) 735-4284

    John is available for telephone coaching, speaking engagements and on-site training programs.
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