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WebSideStory Pick of the Week! 3/16/98

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Jack Klugman
Interview With Jack Klugman by our Editor Linda

Johnny Keys
Interview With Johnny Keys - The Magnificents

DU-WOP Lives
  Johnny Keyes

Johnny Keyes, Reggie Gordon, Rufus Hunter, and Julius Hawkins have been singing together since the mid fifties as The Magnificents, and they recorded on The Vee-Jay Label. The group became famous when, after traveling on the road playing one-nighters in the midwest for several month, their record "UP ON THE MOUNTAIN" became a big hit, selling over half-a-million records.


Going Back To The Oldies

Glen Glenn, Ray Peterson, Troy Shondell

Troy Shondell, Glen Glenn, Ray Peterson,  -
Three great Rock and Rollers from our past. 

"Tell Laura That I Love Her" - "Corina, Corina"

Frank Capri
Keeping the Spirit of the Sixties Alive:
A Profile on Frank Capri

Linda Castellano
Who Is This Woman?

Joel Miller
Joel Miller began a promising career in the entertainment industry at the age of 4.

Dorez Doughlas
Dorez Douglas, a Detroit native and former gospel singer, is a writer/producer in Los Angeles, California.

Kay Durden
Kay loves sharing informaion with people, writing and one of her first loves, hatmaking.

Amanda Nelson
    Interview with Amanda Nelson

    Amanda is the creater of Se7en Magazine.

Edmond Brown
    Interview with Edmond Brown
    Voice Over Artist

Dan White
    Interview with Dan White

    Interview with Mike Marino, an author of
    The Roadhead Chronicles
    Where Pop Culture and Chrome Meet Asphalt and Art! -
    Mike's web site and his book will take us back to mystical journeys from the 50's, the 60's and the 70's.

    Copyright Randy Welborn, 2004, All rights reserved.
    Interview with Randy Welborn, One Of our Featured Baby Boomer Artist. 

    The Analytical Anerican History of the Life anf Times of 
    Howard Robard Hughes by Van Simmons.
    Van spent a great amount of time (some six years) and money in his
    efforts to write, print, publish and make limited distributions of the book:
    The Analytical Anerican History of the Life anf Times of Howard Robard Hughes
    (ISBN 0 614 11829-1). This book relates a subject of research on 
    Mr Hughes that portrays another side of the Hughes legacies that have
    heretofore been unknown by the general publicl. The bibliography is 
    very large indeed and covers both direct reference and associated 
    reference materials used in this extensive research work.
    This research is a testament to the author's dedication as well as 
    his desire to establish a suitable Memorial to a Great American, 
    Howard Robard Hughes, in Hughes' native hometown: Houston Texas.. 

     Iris Krasnow
    You Are Your Own Soul Mate
    Iris Krasnow is the author of 
    Surrendering to Motherhood and Surrendering
    to Marriage.  Her work is featured in many national
    publications, including The Washington Post and Parade
    She is the Writer in Residence in the Washington 
    Semester Program at American University and lives
    in Maryland with her husband and four sons. 

    Richard Meredith
    Never Too Late To Get Up And Go
    One Way Or Another

    Richard Meredith, aged 51, is a former
    businessman in the UK, who decided, 
    to put a rucksack on his back and go 
    on a world walk. 

    Jimmy' Girl Book Author
    Love Lost

    Stephanie Gertler
    She was inspired to write a love story based on
    her own experience and her perception of the Vietnam war.

    BIG BROTHER Interview
    Jordan speaks.

       She was seen nightly on CBS interacting 
       with the other members of the house, 
       and eventually "banished" on the 
       29th day. 


    An Interview With Thomas Martin Smith

    Thomas Martin Smith, a fellow member of the 
    Boomers International Club did what few people 
    can even imagine. Tom, a former law-clerk-turned-
    writer/photographer made a solo journey around 
    the world on a motorscooter named Melawend 
    (for his daughters, Melanie and Wendy).

    43 Hours of Hell

    By: Robert W. Coshland - 1998
    Caught up in the demonstrations that were going on in Jakarta. 

    Dave Kunst-The Earthwalker 
    In 1972, at a private party in Teheran, Iran, 
    the host and his new wife introduced their 
    special guests, two brothers from Waseca, 
    The Kunst Brothers (Dave and John) were 
    attempting to walk around the world on foot
    to help promote UNICEF. The brothers were 
    excited about their trips from the US, through
    part of Europe and their plan to walk to
    Afghanistan, Pakistan and then to Calcutta, India. 
    "   border=0>  

    Learn to Live a Healthier, Younger and More Active Lifestyle
    Click to Learn more

    Real world Information and Facts for Real People

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Liberal Lies About the American Right,
by Ann H. Coulter.

Ann Coulter examines the political arena in defense of the Republican party. She provides example after example of media abuse, liberal manipulation, and Democratic conspiracies against Republicans.

Let Freedom Ring:
Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism,
by Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity is the hottest new phenomenon in TV and talk radio

Living History
by Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's much-anticipated memoir about her 8 years of life with Bill Clinton in the Whitehouse.

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