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Interview with Edmond Brown

Jeri Maier: We are delighted to introduce our Featured baby boomer Edmond Brown. Ed is a Voice Artist, Actor, Set Decorator and Television Producer and he currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

Q: For an opening question-first can you tell us a little about yourself?

Ed: I am 52yrs. old, married with two young boys age 3 & 5. Yes, I am a boomer that took a little longer than expected to become a parent. Two failed marriages (no children from either of those) and finally got it right on number three. My family is truly my pride and joy.

I have been in one form or another in the entertainment business most of my life. Like so many other boomers having been raised on rock n' roll I began playing guitar at about twelve and dreamt of becoming a rock star. I spent my late teens and all of my twenties playing in bands and at one point around 1973 was signed with a record label. That didn't pan out and then I began writing songs in earnest with a hope of getting signed again. I got into the Television and Motion picture business in 1977 working in Set Decorating, music wasn't paying the bills and I had just gotten married. I still pursued music but always seemed to be just on the fringe of success without being able to brake through. I ventured into modeling and acting and had some level of success in those fields, at one point I was a recurring character on Days of Our Lives, and still do all of the off camera male voices on Days.

In the late 80's I began to increase my Voice work and in 1992 had a breakthrough with my work for the Clinton White House. During the eight years of the Clinton Administration I was honored to be the introducing voice of the President at various Presidential events. And in 1997 at the G8 Summit in Denver I was again honored to introduce all eight world leaders and was the Master of Ceremonies at the "Saturday Night at the Summit" concert. I continue to work in these fields and have recently begun producing television projects aimed at the massive (80 Million strong) boomer generation.

Q: You must like what you do. What do you like most about this business?

Ed: It gives me an opportunity to work with many creative people and everyday is never like the day before. When moving from project to project I am introduced to new people. I work on the project for sometimes a month or two, or even many months until it's either completed or canceled, then it's on to the next one. Each project has it's own unique needs and challenges, always putting me in a new arena where I am called on to be creative and often times cutting edge.

Q: What do you like least about this business?

Ed: Sometimes the uncertainty can be overwhelming. I never know if what I'm working on will fly or not. Doesn't give much security not knowing what's next. And you can't help but thinking while in between projects, " Will I ever work again?", "Am I getting to old for today's market?" it can drive you nuts.

Q: What obstacles do you have presently in this line of business?

Ed: Entertainment is a very competitive field. It seems that everyone in L.A. is an actor, singer, writer, director or producer. You could swing your arms in a crowd on the street and knock over ten guys that have just written the next big screenplay. After almost thirty years in the Television field I have become "One of the old timers" which freaks me out. Because I remember when I started in the business looking at what was then "The old timers" to me, and thinking, "these guys are so done". Do they think that about me now? Everything is so geared to a much younger generation than mine, and even though we boomers are massive in numbers and control over 7 Trillion dollars in disposable income, the industry seems to ignore the fact that we exist.

Q: What are your next plans and steps?

Ed: Presently I have either created or co-created television projects directed at our generation. I am in the process of trying to get these shows on the air. It has been a hard sell trying to convince Network Execs that boomers are a viable audience and worthy of programming. I have a music based show that will bring back all of that great music from the 60's & 70's that has begun to make some progress as well as a Sitcom and a one hour Drama. I have a new commercial agent that I am thrilled to be represented by, he seems to get that there is a place for actors over fifty in today's market, he's energetic, enthusiastic about my work and I look forward to a great relationship with him.

Q: Are you optimistic about this plan?

Ed: Yes very much so. Things have been moving slowly but in the right direction.

Q: If you could contribute one thing to this world what would it be?

Ed: That's a simple answer, the thing we boomers tried to accomplish so many years ago but didn't quite make it. Peace, understanding, human kindness to all. Seems such a simple task but such a giant endeavor.

Q: How has the entire experience changed you?

Ed: It seems I'm always changing in one way or another. Everyday life gives me another lesson. Over the years it is true I have become a little more conservative, a little more knowledgeable, and a lot wiser in my choices. I guess this old time Hippie is finally growing up.

Q: What kind of advice do you have for the younger actors?

Ed: Be committed to your work, have a sense of humor about the whole thing. Don't let rejection dissuade you, everyone gets rejected at some point in life. Never stop learning your trade, there is always something new to learn or someone new to learn it from . Above all believe in yourself or no one will believe in you. Peace.

Edmond Brown's Profile
Edmond Brown's Personal Web Site

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