Intimate Bedroom Moments

By Nils Hagen

My wife and I were spending a quiet evening in the privacy of our bedroom. I went in earlier to read and listen to some classical music. As I lay comfortably on top of the bed, propped up with pillows, my wife came in, "yak yak yak here's the phone bill, you get the money from them" (meaning our two live in adult children) She soon left; a whirlwind marked her passage by slamming the door behind her.

I returned to the tennis courts near the stables of the Luxembourg, where D'Artagnan and his three companions spent their time while waiting for an audience with the king.

Soon enough, "yak-yak yak, I got an e mail from…" "That's nice" She left me once more in solitude.

Soon she returned to our quiet domain, "Hey you pillow thief, where's my other pillow? After disturbing the realm of calm and tranquillity once more, she then lay in the bed beside me and began reading a newspaper. "How can you read and listen to that music at the same time?" "Very well if you aren't talking at the same time." "Humph!" I was listening to a very stirring version of "Pomp and Circumstance", it was an orchestra accompanied by a chorus. As it came to a close, the radio announcer was speaking about the piece, how stirring it was and so moving emotionally. I told my wife "I didn't know Pomp and Circumstance had words" I was thinking a year ahead to when my son would finally graduate from college, and how no matter how hard they tried, the college would not do the song as I had just heard it.

My wife was reading her newspaper, rustling the pages and making as much noise as she could. I thought at the moment how much like her mother she was just then. "Could you make any more noise than you are with that paper? I asked. "I'm trying" she replied. "I'm trying to hear what this guy is saying." "Put your headphones on then."

My daughter in Boston called on the telephone. More "Yak yak yak…you tell him." I moved an earpiece from my headphones and replaced it with a telephone. "Where's that email you were gonna send me, I want to read the next part of your story." I ratted out my wife's behavior to my oldest daughter, then she told me about having the same conversations with her fiancee. Afterwards I said, "you two are meant for each other, I love you, bye", and handed her back to the other yacker.

Our other daughter and grandson entered the sanctuary of our room; "You guys are going to bed already?" " No, this is the only place we can be comfortable and have some quiet." "Give Nanny and Pop Pop a kiss goodbye." …and off they went to the store.

I returned to my book, the four adventurers (Musketeers)and their Count got their audience with the king, while on the radio, I listened to some guy's musical composition about birds, and I took a nap.

"Bam!" two hands the size of small catcher's mitts pushed our door open. He was back. "Show Nanny and Pop Pop your new toy" I watched in fascination as a three and a half-year-old boy showed us his latest prize possession, it was a Star Wars figure of many parts and many accessories.

I was trying to remember the feeling of absolute joy when a three-dollar toy was the epitome of all you could ever want or desire in the entire world. I gazed tenderly at my wife lying beside me, and caressed her face with my hand. I was thinking of the two beautiful daughters and handsome son that she had given me.

My grandson stood at the foot of our bed, playing with the dozen or so pieces of his toy, (an exploding robot figure) I was hoping he would not ask me to assemble them. My wife thanked me for the phone call that I made to her during the day, thanking her for her hard work over the past weekend.

I was still caressing her face and moved my thumb to her chin. I began moving her bottom lip up and down and talked in a falsetto voice "I want you to make love to me, I want you to take me now" I said as my thumb moved her lips to my words. "Watch what you say…there's "Big Ears" in the room." She said without my thumb. Then a voice from the foot of the bed added "Yeah Pop Pop, settle down."

Copyright ©2002 - Nils Hagen

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