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    SECTION ONE - Web Site of Interest!
    For VALENTINE's Day
    Friends Lovers I Love You Invitation A Valentine's Day To Remember
    Compiled By:

    Best Boomer Web Site for this month: RV's Newsletters

    SECTION TWO - Media / Entertainment!
    New toys! By RV_Roadie
    Just in time to get the new year off with a bang! OK I tried all of the voice over net services that I came across and thought I'd found the best when I went to Powwow. But it had about a six second time lag and only one could talk at a time! The robot voice on their site was cute, but the quality and lag times were just terrible Then I saw an article in the sunday paper about a new player in the "free voice calls over the net" arena called webring. Not expecting too much I downloaded (45 mins) and installed it. then got a friend to do the same in Washington state. We tried it. Wow! This is as good as a regular call with excellent sound quality after a 10 second auto adjust in the software. It is full duplex (you can be heard even when they are still talking), clear as a bell, and if both parties have it, provides very usable phone calls that are near landline quality, anywhere in the world at no charge!! The Beta and the service is free! Before all decide that this will take the place of typed chat, it will not. Since your "real" phone number is part of the id, you wouldn't want to use this with a stranger, but for personal friends in 3d it is absolutely great! It won't work with older modems that are not duplex as well as the newer stuff. I used my laptop builtin mic, on a pentium 150MMX, the built in speakers, with 32MB RAM, and it worked fine with my 56k V90 duplex modem. Am trying a transatlantic call in the next few days and will let you know how it works! (P.S. it works great according to RV) By RV_Roadie aka Derek Gore Jr.

    CNN Cold War
    The show that defines the time.  This landmark TV 
    documentary series air every Sunday and Friday night
    until early December. This documentary took 3 years 
    to produce.  
    January 17, 1999
    Make Love Not War
    January 24, 1999
    China 1949-1972
    February 1, 1999 
    Detente 1969-1975
    The CNN coldwar experience
    and culture web site.
    Sunday February 7 at 9/8pm on NBC
    THE '60's, Part I

    This ambitious four-hour miniseries from NBC Studios and feature-film producer Lynda Obst ("Contact," "The Fisher King," "Sleepless in Seattle," "Hope Floats" and "The Siege") blends history, fiction and music to tell the story of two American families -- one white and one black -- who are torn apart by the very real forces -- the Civil Rights Movement; the student revolution and the Vietnam War --

    Monday Feb. 8 at 9/8pm
    THE '60s, Part II

    The story of two American families -- one white and one black -- torn apart by the very real forces of the turbulent 1960s continues in this four-hour miniseries from NBC Studios and executive producer Lynda Obst.

    Form for StampVote for the 80's are at your local post office. StampVote Web Site will be up for voting in February 1999. Go To: StampVote

    Gap Between Retirement Planning and Action
    The good news is that baby boomers are living longer than 
    any other generation. 
    The bad news, says the American Council of Life Insurance, 
    is that many are not prepared for today's longer retirements, 
    which can last 25 to 30 years, or more. 
    A nationwide survey conducted by Mathew Greenwald and Associates 
    Inc indicates that although baby boomers are concerned about 
    supporting a longer retirement, most of them have not paid 
    attention to retirement financing and may not be fully prepared 
    for a long retirement. 
    "Managing retirement finances has always been difficult," Dr. 
    Greenwald notes. "For future generations it will be much more 
    difficult because the retirement period will be so long, and 
    retirees will be exposed to the financial strain of outliving 
    their income or needing long-term care." 
    According to the American Council of Life Insurance (ACLI), 
    today's retirement concerns include the following. 
        outliving financial resources: 49% 
        having to pay for nursing care: 54% 
        inflation reducing value of savings 63% 
        cut backs in Social Security 66% 
    Despite these concerns, the gap between retirement planning 
    and action continues to grow. According to a recent survey 
    conducted by the ACLI, 92% of Americans agree they will need 
    to take on more responsibility for funding their retirement.
    However, only 44% of non-retirees say they are saving for 
    retirement and are ble to report how much. Furthermore, only 
    55% of non-retirees have begun to think about retirement 
    financing, despite widespread realization that Social Security 
    and defined benefit pension plans will play a much smaller role 
    in retirement funding. 
    By Dr. David Demko,  
    AgeVenture News Service, 
    21946 Pine Trace, Boca Raton, FL 33428 USA
    Voice-mail: 561-482-6271. 
    AgeVenture News Service 

    My dear online Friend although I cannot see you through 
    this screen, I know you are really there. 
    I click you into reality, Like magic in the air. 
    Your voice is like an angel, Though I really do not hear. 
    Your hug as warm as any, Of the loved ones I hold dear. 
    You are always there for comfort, Or a word of cheer. 
    Though you are far away, 
    I always have you near. 
    You are a very special friend, 
    Like none I have ever known. 
    I will never be alone. 
    Author Unknown


    Boomers International Web Site opened up another venue for our boomer friends to meet, exchange ideas, chat with each other and networking. We have been busy and are having fun meeting many new boomer friends. Check us out by going to this Boomers International Club:
    You need to obtain a YAHOO id to log into our member club's chat room, message posting and to check the calendar. Send us email for instruction on how to obtain a USER ID and Password at Yahoo which is FREE. You can also download Yahoo pager to keep track of friends coming online. Single Boomers! Check out and join Boomers Love Connection Club:

    Boomers International Club

    Boomers Rule!
    What a fun way to meet other Boomers! And chat can be a riot! 
    Was last night . . . 
    As a group we Boomers have laughed, and cried together through, 
    as Dickens says " . . the best of times, and the worst of times". 
    No other generation had "The Movement", and the threat of nuclear 
    annihilation hanging over them for most of their lives. We saw 
    and loved the man who asked "not what your country can do for 
    you . . ", and heard the broadcast that "the president has been 
    shot". We had a crisis of conscience in Vietnam that divided us 
    as those that went tried to rationalize the terrible losses they 
    experienced as the national will, and had to read Mcnamara's 
    apology for knowing it was wrong, and not only witholding it 
    from us, but sent more of us to do our duty. Which was proudly
    done, and wasted. We invented rock and the high divorce rate. 
    We watched the moon become real territory, and mourned the four 
    dead in Ohio. From the Chicago seven to Woodstock, we were vocal 
    and wanted a better world for our kids. Somtimes more than vocal 
    as we saw the weathermen accept violence in the name of peace. 
    And the Panthers make a stand. We marched and made a stand for
    all of our rights, as we went off to the peace corps. We accepted 
    the Cleaver family as the standard, while wondering if we were 
    adopted into the dysfunctional families we found ourselves in. 
    Then we became the over 30 crowd and some still worked, albeit 
    within the system, to make it happen. Some just got absorbed. 
    We lost more friends to the drugs we thought were the way to a 
    new conciousness, and became the generation to create the 
    herbal alternative medicine approach to holistic healing. And 
    we invented the computer.
    And as leaders, reinvented the military. 
    Friends, we have a common bond that few generations ever even 
    aspire to. 
    We took some risks, and asked . . .why, but more importantly, 
    why not?
    We were Hoods, Rah's, Geeks, Hippies, Yippies, Deadheads, 
    soldiers, marchers, rednecks and elitists. In other words we 
    made ourselves heard.
    What a legacy! And you had to be there. But the best part? 
    We're still here.
    So in the spirit of our shared histories, trials, tribulation, 
    and triumphs . . . . I wish you peace, love, and Happiness 
    this holiday season.
    Boomers rule!
    RV_Roadie aka Derek Gore, Jr.


       JANUARY 1999

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