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WebSideStory Pick of the Week! 3/16/98

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    Big news! is now up and running. We are proud to present you with the NEW site which will bring you a bigger, better, and more value packed and also the new look and features! You will be very surprised by the new services and content we have included. As an example, we have added a FREE DOWNLOAD areas for Web Graphics. We have created an EXCLUSIVE Boomers International Design fun greeting cards. We have added the FREE directory listing for your business and or personal web site. We have finally able to offer a FREE MEMBER WEB PAGES and a FREE email to all users etc. We are still adding more contents and features such as FREE Email, FREE Personal Ads for SINGLE Boomers. We are heartened by your positive response to what we are working on. We believe that you have a vision of what you want on the net. We have heard your wish for more spiritual areas, as well as business and gender issues. We intend to continue the areas you have used most, and add many more. Feel free to let us know by vote on our own web site poll: Please let us know what you like, and what you may not like as much. After all, it is your place that we are building for you. BOOMERS INTERNATIONAL NEW DOT COM SITE. As we move firmly into the new millenium, we at Boomers International have dreams of service and connections far beyond what we have done in the past. And we invite you to join us, as we will make this ever shrinking world, a better place for us and the future generation. So let me close this and wish you continued Peace, prosperity, and most of all Love and Light in all areas of your life. Jeri Maier, CEO and Founder

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