Celtic Sun

Celtic sun, one such wonder,
Sending her rays unto the woods,
Celtic sun spuns her golden silk,
Oh, such beauty on kiln dried land.

In this mystic cool spring air,
Soft wind blowing everywhere,
As free as a maiden-fair-hair,
Butterflies fluster and fill the sky,
The Monarchs of black, yellow bright and blue,

Cardinals chirping, flapping their wings,
Hummingbirds swooshing by,
Drinking from sweet vines and Morning Glories,
Near Plummeria trees, they fly, happily glide,
Catalyst vision of rainbow prism colors bright.

Celtic sun, shines as glorious about,
Casting shadows on fluffy white floating clouds,
Majesticly high on blue yonder of mountain ranges,
Fields of magical wonder, spring flowers and herbs.

Tulips, Daffodils, Silkwoods, Sages, Lilacs and Lavenders,
Honeysuckles hang higher on climbing fences,
Lemon scents in the garden of Rosemaries,
Thymes, Parleys, Fennels and Oregano flowers .

Dancing with plummelling Plumerias,
Butterflies & bees swarm for nectars of flowers.
Morning light shines on desert tan earth
Birds glide and chirp amonst tall trees

Dew drops crystal dancing with the moon,
Heat swoons and soon it's melting by sun light,
Atops the Delphinium petals blue and bright,
With sweet scents of Hyacints and Java Jasmins.

As dark sky shines on bright stars, so fair afar,
August moon fading soon over the horizon,
Golden sun rising and basking on the sky line,
Over the rim, it shines on the blue azure sea... and behind.

As the ocean waves rush to the shores,
I adore natural earth that I saw, in awe of her beauty,
Forever more, and again, I am in heaven,
Oh Celtic Sun - alas, one more truly happy day.

Jieranai Maier
Copyright 2002 - 2016
All Rights Reserved


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