Desert Sun

As night falls above those tall eucalyptus trees, And the copper moon hangs low over the blue lagoon, Eerily beautiful like balloon in the northeast sky, Partly covered by fluffy light silver clouds, My senses are aroused, with growing deep emotions.
My heart of heart is full of glorious passions, Eyes wide open, to the abundance joy on earth, As thousand stars twinkling and flirting with the moon, With luminous pitch black, of dark night swoon, Thinking of the only one that I love, And soon, I hope that you, will be here near me, So I waited for thee, in my adobe in the desert, As nightingales sing their sweetest earth songs, My mind captured by their longing chirping sounds. When the sun rises, and perches over the horizon, Casting her rays beyond the mountain ranges, And the hazy fogs spreading low over the plains, Cool air is filled with mist and reigns in the desert. Poetic blue sky wide yonder, scattered with white clouds Indian summer sizzling, sending heat to the shrouded land, All that sand seems silky brown, shimmering in the meadows, Dusty hills when the wind blows, over where it touches, The scents of musty desert, baked by the Sun, disperse afar. A mighty sight, as skyline is lightened by the sun, And twilight embraces this cool, dark misty valley, I think of thee in time of my wildest passions, Hoping that, the morning desert Sun will bring you, Miraculously, to me, to pursue and grow our love, .. together ...forever...until ...the 12th of never.
Jieranai Maier September 2004 All Rights Reserved

Maier Ranch Photo by T. J. Maier.
Rainbow photo by my friend, Pekka Aikio from Finland

The 12th Of Never By Cliff Richards



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