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By: Jieranai Maier

        How Far For Me To Go
        I think of the moon beams bright over the stars,
        How far for me to go to follow you,
        Over the rainbows where the sky grows bright and blue,
        Misty cool morning hue amids sun rays,
        Will it be for me as always, to stay away,
        Living in this world afar, apart from you,
        Across the wide azure oceans and green forest,
        Sand dunes brimming. casting shadows in the desert,
        Clouds disperse of thin layers over the gray heat, 
        Soon it will be covered with bright white snow,
        My heart of heart is glowing, missing you so,
        How far for me to go to be with you,
        How far should I allow my mind to fly,
        By then would you will still be true?
        And then would you really be free to be,
        My soul-mate one, my one and only love?
        Forever, I will travel so far on this earth,
        Across the land and deserts ....... to be with you...
        ..... You Are Always On My Mind.......
        Jieranai Maier
        July 2005 & 
        November 2009
        This poem still needs lots of passionate emotion  ................. 
        Updated November 25, 2009 - Happy Thanksgiving, 
        A little better version lol................

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