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Tender Moments 

Tender moments after loving you,
I looked into your eyes, reached out
...... and touched your soul,
I looked into your heart and saw your pain, 
I probed into your mind, behind your sorrow, 
I looked long and hard as my loving feelings
....... began to grow....

You started my flame and stroked my fire, 
You teased me with all of your desires,
You lifted me high with inspiring thoughts,
But your own heart is aching for comfort,
For wanting me, to fall in love with you.... 
The thought of that odds, is turning you blue, 

You so wanting me ... to give up to you....
You so wanted us to be together, 
..... together....true and true.. forever..
Does it matter now as to when?
I love you now but I did't know then..... 

Those tender moments ...... 
Jieranai Maier
August, 2004

The Essence Of You As we held each other in our arms so tight, Reluctantly, we had to say our goodnight, We closed our eyes and exchanged kisses, We embraced, and I, inhaled your alluring scent, Such blisses, immense of joy..... Each breath I take, you captivated me, and I, longing for more, Each breath I take, you warmed my soul, and I, want to hold on to yours. The essence of you in my mind, all day long, The essence of you captured my heart, The essence of you belonged besides me.... The essence of you belonged within me.... The essence of you quenched my drying thirst For every breath I take, The essence of you, too luscious....lavishingly and lovingly ... feeds... my spirit... and my soul Jieranai Maier July 2004

Dont Leave me... ...... A Lover's Plea... Dont leave me hanging dry on your heartstrings, Dont leave me to pine for your sweet wine, You gave so much love, it lifted me to sky high, I've never known such fantasy world, of this kind. I've longed to kiss your soft voluptous hair, I've yearned for the warmth of your breath, Dont leave me on the edge of panicking, Dont leave me on the fling of Spring air. Please be aware of my true real feelings, All I wanted, is to bring real love to you, Please be aware of my enomous affection ... Can you see, that I am the one you always wanted... .....and I am infinitely yours... Dont Leave me... Dont Ever Leave Me..... Jieranai Maier July-August 2004

Ominous Love.. When my lover is calling He brings warmth to my heart, He soothes my chilling soul, Chases away the cold wind, When my lover comes to call, I will fall into his loving arms. When evening shadows fall, I will be enthralled in his love, As we observe the moon, ..... and the bright stars, Together where we are, Together under the desert palm trees, There is nothing to see, .... but the shadow of the moon, .....and twinkling stars, The dark, vast valley filled with vineyards, And the arches and flows of the mountains, Tall and looming in the distance far... When my lover is near by, He warms the depth, of my heart's desire, When morning mist dances with the sun, We will be together as one, in lovers' blisses, Watching the dew drops of night fall, Under the dark desert sky, and waiting... To wake up together and .... Melting in the warmth, of the sunrise shining through... Jieranai Maier July 2004

Only You Can .. Only you can see right through me Only you can be the strength within me Only you can provide space and peace Only you can fulfill my needs Being the person with such sweet love More than I ever will deserve Only you can chase away my blue Only you can give me love so true True to my feelings and emotions ..... More than I can ever think of Only you can stir my passion My cup runneth over with joy.... Toiling with the thought that... I am so happy.. that you can be with me.... Jieranai T Maier July 2004

PASSION.. Two bodies entwined in esctasy, Two bodies unified in rhapsody, Two bodies as one, wrapping in unison. ..... Two hearts runneth over by nature's way. Two bodies longing for closeness, Two bodies embraced each other, Two bodies enmeshed with desires, Two hearts beated, delighted in lusciousness ..... Burning fires stroking by desert heat...... Jieranai Maier July-Auguest 2004

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