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May 2005

Latest Poems By Jieranai
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Latest Collection of Poems
By: Jieranai Maier

Dark Side Of The Moon.  

Your love is as bleak as the dark side of the moon,
Like empty schooner sat idle at the harbor, 
Longing forever to be out in the vast sea,
Readily surrendering to the raging monsoon.

So out of tune, as the dark side of the moon,
Like a hot air balloon, floating in the valley sky,
Beneath the clouds, high over the blue lagoon,
Soon to fall to the floor, on the majestic meadow,
As fast as spring shower flows in the horizon. 

Your love is as bleak as the dark side of the moon,
Like blooming flowers in a darken room,
Lead me to consume with thoughts of nothingness, 
Sophisticated showing and voidance of feelings,
Am I a non-being, meaning little to you?

Like a shadow on the dark side of the moon,
Crooning a bad song, out of tune in the saloon,
With mundane feelings of sullen emotions,
I tried in vain to hide the cold emptiness notion,
Being on edge of sorrow, trying to heal my soul,

The cold wind blows over the rays of warm sun,
Long ago the sweetness of temptous love we begun,
Gone off balance, what was once sweet love affair,
Whatever we had was dear and deserved a chance...

Inspite of all the tears,
and enhanted memories of yesteryears....   
Jieranai T. Maier
March 2005 - May 2005 

Leave Me! 

Leave me with dignity,
Proudly imprint in my mind,
Leave me with dry eyes,
Heartfelt runneth of my soul,

Cold wind whipping at my face,
Blowing straight without heat,
At each beating of my heart,
I am crying out loud for you,
Will you care, to where I am gone?

Leave me with a sense of serenity, 
Leave me with no empty promises.... 

Jieranai T. Maier
Jan - May 2005

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