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By: Jieranai Maier

You The You that I was looking for, With high hope, wishes and dreams, For all my life, with quiet longing, Of the 'You' that seem I was wanting. 'You' who would be there besides me, All through the dark nights, a guiding light, A brigh star to shine afar in stormy weather, A warm sun to nurture my cold spirit. Your wise words to cherish my breeding heart, A rainbow to glow bright, after the April rain, With green plain to gaze at, in May mornings, With hot sun, a cool moon to swoon the night.

When you left aruptly in mid June, All the while I was wondering so soon then, That in my heart the You, I was looking for, No longer is ever real, here in my mind, It is July and I have learn to stop crying.......... Jieranai Maier June-July 2005

It Is Time For Me To Go

I know that now it is time to go,
You told me so in your sad eyes,
You tried in vain to remain calm and cool,
The last time we were together,
Your warm embrace suggested otherwise.
You rushed around and left in haste...

I do not want to be the one, that is left behind,
So I will walk away in stride, taking my pride,
I know I am not the perfect one for you, anyway,
Thank you for staying so long in my life.

How strong I am is not a surprise,
As wise as can be I should know better,
Confused and sad but gladly I admit.
And how weak I am when my heart is aching?
Reaching for the emptiness of answers...
Just prolong the hollowing agony of the end...

GOOD BYE MY BITTER SWEET of happiness.. 
It will not be too long before I will mend,
But now it is only makes sense,
It is time for us to end,
Let's not pretend and just move on.....

Jieranai T. Maier
July 2005
July 2005
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