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July 2005

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Latest Collection of Poems
By: Jieranai Maier

Dark Summer Night

You hold me tight and then you wept,
I consoled you with my warm embrace,
A love tune I sang for your broken heart ,
To mend the hole in the midst of your soul.

And you slept in my arms as I caress your face,
You were shaken and forlorn until dawn,
It was a dark summer night in the desert,
No star to be seen in the dark sky, 
Above cool gray earth of the Dark Summer Night,
I held you close and took your hands in mine.

A hot summer day with the swaying wind,
You begin to understand why we had to part.
My broken heart will ease soon with solitude,
You were too good to stay and suffer.

It was better that you go your own way,
You are always searching for new adventure,
With all the silver lining of summer fling,
Soon the swing of pendulum will turn,
Consternation of what you have done,
Forever you said you wanted to be with me.

Peace and transquility be with you,
Will you remember our dark summer night?
Hearts will bright with the new full moonlight,
Until it's dawn with sunrises in the 'morrow.
Filled with sorrow I will remember....... 
......our Dark Summer Night together.

Jieranai Maier
July 2005

You yearned all your life for someone,
You were deeply in love with me, once,
I accepted whatever life will give,
I will not weep but be as strong as ever.
Void of sorrow I will remember .........
.......our Dark Summer Night together.

Jieranai Maier
July 2005
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