Please Remember Back When....

.. Once...

All those time that I thought we were together, Together we were not, as it ought to be, I thought we were deeply in love and committed, As you promised we were two but together as one. All those time that I thought we were in love, Time and again, you fooled me, which I didnt deserved, Time and again, you played around outright, and had fun, Time and again, you let me down, without a doubt. All those time that we were together, Together we were and seemed a perfect team. Together we were as happy of our sweet dreams, Together we will be forever, you always, seemed to say. As time goes by, you are tired of being tied up, So then, now as I wised up to your trysts, Now, I would like to let you know that, I have longed gotten over you, and so, Although I have forgiven, all are not forgotten, So now, as you decided to come back, Right smack from nowhere to be found, What does it mean to me?.....can you see that, As you want to be so sweet and begging! To me, my dear one and darling, There is nothing left in this lonely world, In this hugh depth of my heart, a NOTHINGNESS! So I need to ask one more time..... What do you incline to want from me? There is nothing else left for us to see, There I go, but the good of my life... And I might just want to say to you, GOODBYE, so long, my dear sweet, Please, as we are so, no longer,...
....together as one... Jieranai Maier September 2004

You are my Sunshine


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