When A Man Made You Cry

When a man made you cry more than three times,
Are three times too many? ... to just sit still?
Or crying three times will be just as meaningless.....
... and let's forget that he made you cry!

Will starting over is like, nothing is ever going to..
Get you to feel the earth shuttering hurts?
Eyes wide shut but aching, burning pain inside?

Are you crying for him or are you crying,
For yourself and for the vast emptiness?
For a life filled with meaningless love?

Will you love him less or do you love him more?
What do you implore, to be alone once more?
Or to be with him, in each and every seasons?
Why NOT? but, for whatever reason?

No one can dry your tears, and tell you what to do,
You are the only one,
The brave one that can mend your own broken heart,
You are the only one,
that can sooth your own soul,
You are the only one,
that can control your life,
You are the only one,
that can decide,
That he is a keeper, forever
Or that.. you just have..... to let him go.....

Dedicated to all the Lost Lovers....

Jieanai Maier
September 2004

Artwork © By Jim Warren

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