In Time

In time, my love will grow as you wish,
In time, I may want to kiss you even more,
In time, I would always want you near me,
When you are here, satify and gratify,
........... I would be.

In time, I would want to be with you,
Wishing you, would love me more and dear,
Wishing your love to grow ever each year,
Gladden my heart as love deepens too.

In time, I would love to hear you,   
As your tender whispers sing in my ears,
In time, I would want to love only you,
As you are always gentle with my soul,
Easing all of my fears, endears you to my heart,

But now we are still so far apart,
I am heartened, wishing our future to brighten,
As of now we are still longing and wishing,
And hoping that you can see through my emotions.

In time, you would be here always, to stay,
In time, your sweet love will smitten my heart,
In time, your deep affections,
......... will brighten our lives, 
In time, we would never, ever be away and apart...
........ from each other..

Jieranai Maier
August-September 2004 

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