Oahu & Santa Monica
Photos By Jieranai Maier
Copyright 2003

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  My Poems

  • LOVERS' NEST <=== NEW*
  • You Are The One <=== NEW*
  • I Didn't Mean It
  • A Lonely Country Road
  • I Will Be There For You
  • I Met You In The Spring
  • You Speak To Me
  • Mom's Love
  • Sorrow
  • River Run
  • Autumn Love
  • Summer Blues
  • Daily Meditation!
  • Summer Hills

  • Love Songs
  • Quite Nights...
  • LOVERS On The Beach
  • My Heartsong
  • A Shade Of Gray
  • Spring Is Waiting
  • Dark Summer Night In The Desert
  • Celtin sun,
  • Master of disaster
  • Cruety
  • In Our Hearts and Souls (Lover's Quarrel)

    "For all good poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings." William Wordsworth

  • "Let's peace and love forever be in your heart,
    Let's joy and wonder always stand in your way"

    "I write to express my feelings, and to dance with you, from my inner soul"
    Jieranai Maier, 2004

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