Oahu & Santa Monica
Photos By Jieranai Maier
Copyright 2004


Surrender To Me

Surrender your love to me
I will keep you from here to eternity
Surrender yourself to me
I will love you tenderly forever

Surrender your heart to me
I will always be gentle to your soul
Surrender your being and spirit
I will commit to you till eternity

I will surrender myself to you
I will surrender all of my being
I will forever be true and faithful.....

and loving you more than all of my life.

Jieranai T Maier
August 2004
Copyright 2004

"Let's peace and love forever be in your heart,
Let's joy and wonder always stand in your way"

"I write to express my feelings, and to dance with you, from my inner soul"
Jieranai Maier, 2004

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