What IS LIFE All About?

By Jieranai Maier

Life is about family, children, parents,
brothers, sisters, grandparents, grandchildren,
aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins,
in-laws ...so on and so on...

Life is about hard work, sacrifice, and options.

Life is about living, loving, laughing, playing, friends and

Life is about choices that we made and the
freedom to make these choices.

Life is about who you are deep down inside of you.

Life is about owing up to your responsibilities.

Life is about owing up to your obligations.

Life is about keeping your words .. say what
you mean and mean what you say.

Life is about running away... sometimes you
need to runaway but remember the saying...
NO Matter where you go ..there you are....

Life is about who you are to your family,
your wife, your husband, your children,
your parents, your brothers,
your sisters, your lover, your friends.. and on and on....

Life is about joy, sorrow, hope, faith,
destiny, passion, and love.

Life is about your heart, your mind, your
soul, your body, your spirit .....
all of your being.

Life is not about making money or keeping
money...Life is about thinking, feeling,
sharing and caring and giving...Sharing of
one's mind, sharing of one's spirit. Sharing
of one's body, heart and soul. Giving of
oneself, giving of time, giving of one's
heart and soul and yes, even giving your
money away too ....

Life is about keeping your heart, your mind,
your soul, your body and your spirit intact;
It's about trying to make them working, together
congruently. For the sake of YOUR whole
BEING .... For if and when you're ever lack
any or one.. of these ...then your life will
not and can not be completed and fulfilled....
But if you ever feel that your life is
incomplete and unfulfill .... then life is
about searching; search for meanings ... search
for love, and search for self...

Life is about struggling, to make one's life
more meaningful and fulfilled...

Jieranai (Jeri) Maier
Copyright 1999
Updated 27 September, 2004
All Rights Reserved

Please feel free to share it..
Jeri Maier

1999 - 2004