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    SECTION ONE - Web Site of Interest
    SECTION TWO - Entertainment Alert
    SECTION THREE - Stamps Vote - The 60's
    SECTION FOUR - Prespectives
    SECTION FIVE - Boomer Tidbits
    SECTION SIX: - Boomer Of The Month
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    SECTION ONE - Web Site of Interest!
  • This web site aims to give all Americans a voice, a chance to be heard by their elected representatives policy makers and influencers...and by one another on one critical issue: the future of Social Security. You can participate in live chats and use their message boards to talk and share your opinions about the future of Social Security.
  • CNN Almanac Site: Change the YYMM/DD/ format 9807/08 for month and day you want to see what happened on that day in the past and also all the events from that to the week ahead.
  • American Memory: at Library of Congress: Here you can find archive of Photos, Prints, Documents, Motion Pictures, Maps and Sound Recordings of American history collections.
  • Intel 30th Anniversary web site: The site details how Intel was formed 30 years ago and became the world largest computer chip manufacturing company.

    SECTION TWO - Media / Entertainment!

    Where are They NOW? 
  • Radio and D.J.'s: Those were the days (before the Internet). If you like the radio shows, these sites will take you back to the past. All about Radio stations, D.J's Where are They Now? by Johnny Williams - Kailau, Hawaii. - Los Angeles Radio People - Where are They Now? - Uncle Rickey's Reel Top 40 Radio Repository. 'THIS IS IT! THE ORIGINAL RADIO AIRCHECK WEBSITE! - 440 International - They have a good database for DJ's throughout the nation. - "Radio Digest" website at House of Wax - featuring D.J. Gary Larkin's Oldies Show - Compiled by Jeri Maier with input from Steven of Sacramento, CA Thanks Steven!

    Vote for US Postal 50's, 60's, 70's Stamps
    What is StampVote? In our May and June newsletters 
    we mentioned about how you can participate and have a 
    voice and choice in the celebration of 20th century 
    commemorative stamp series that will be issued by 
    the US Postal, a future collector items for stamp 
    Results from StampVote for the 1960s for 5 subjects are:
  • People & Events: "I Have a Dream" The Vietnam War The Peace Corps
  • Arts & Entertainment: The Beatles Woodstock "Star Trek"
  • Sports: Super Bowl Kicks Off Green Bay Packers Roger Maris Breaks Homerun Record
  • Science & Technology: Man Walks on the Moon The Computer Chip Lasers
  • Lifestyle The Peace Symbol Ford Mustang Barbie Doll Steps Out Microsoft collaboration with U.S. Postal Service's web site is a fun web site for trivia, a re-visit to the 60's,70's etc. Vote for 1970s starts in September. Find out from your local Post Office about a form for voting. Or you can vote on-line at the above StampVote web site. Your web browser must have multi-media Plug-in Shockwave software. Compiled By Jeri Maier with Information from Microsoft StampVote web site and U.S. Postal Service Vote for Stamp brochure.
  • SECTION FOUR - Boomer Prespectives!

    America is growing older. One hundred years ago the average 
    American was younger than 20, today she is 35. Today, only 
    Florida has a population where one-sixth of the population 
    is 65 or older, but in twenty years, it is projected that 
    32 states will resemble Florida’s older population. 
    America’s Aging Population and Its Implications 
        In 2020, one in six Americans will be over 65, about 60  
        million people. 
        In 1985, about half of the public healthcare dollars were 
        spent on the elderly; today government spends 2/3 of its 
        healthcare dollars on the elderly. 
        About 2/3 of Americans under 40 do not believe they will 
        receive Social Security and about half believe they will 
        get Medicare benefits when they turn 65. 
    In addition, the changing population trends might mean shifting 
    healthcare priorities. The fastest growing segment of the elderly 
    population are those over 85, who need the most medical attention. 
    Half of the 85 or over population live alone in their homes, which 
    might accelerate the move toward home health services (already the 
    fastest growing area of the industry). Finally, the elderly 
    population is growing most rapidly in the south and the west. 
    Reprint from "Columbia StatLine On Healthcare Issues," 
    July 1, 1996, Volume 1, Issue 2 


    Childhood memoir set in the '50s

  • 1950: Brand new house cost under $10000
  • One of the most popular cars of all time, the Ford Mustang, was introduced in 1964. At a base price of about $2,500.
  • 1955 Ford Thunderbird $2944.00 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang $2368.00
  • Life Magazine
  • 1946 - 10 Cents. 1947 - 15 Cents. 1948 to 56 - 20 Cents 1957 -25 Cents. October 1962 20 Cents 1963 - 25 Cents. 1964 - 35 Cents. 1969 - 40 Cents. 1970 - 60 Cents. 1971 - 50 Cents. 1972 - 50 Cents.


         BOOMERS OF THE MONTH: Susan Osborn, Ph.D. 

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