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  Keep On Truckin'!  

    From: Vicky
    Date: Sat Jun 29, 2002 9:29 pm
    Subject: Some Health Advice: Keep on truckin'!
    I was not going to give details but have decided I
    would like to share my experience with you all, in
    case any one here goes through 
    the same'll know what to do.
    Well, the fact is that I had a TIA--a mini-stroke. 
    Fortunately, I was not paralyzed, but my speech 
    was severely affected, as was the language/speech
    center of the brain that controls writing and typing 
    motor-language skills. 
    I had been very fatigued the day before. Then,
    the next morning I got on the computer and noticed
    that I was making a ton of errors typing. My normal 
    60 wpm typing became quite an effort, even to 
    deliver 25-30 WPM. I also could not write, as the
    language message was not being received properly. 
    (It looked like a schizophrenic's writing--all squinched;
    now, it's improved....more off meds. 
    Since I normally work at home, I didn't notice the speech
    problem until later in the afternoon when I actually had
    to speak. I drove over to the doctor's and was informed
    that I had experienced a TIA--a trans ischemic attack.
    From his explanation and online research I did later,
    I learned that my speech would probably completely 
    return within 1-2 months. Hospitalization was not 
    necessary--just time. 
    I was devastated, since I was about to start interviewing.
    Every time I had to write something or sign a check, I 
    cried. It was a downer.
    The doctor was reassuring, though, that it would all come
    back in time, as a swelling occurs on the brain during a
    stroke, which must subside. Blood pressure had to be 
    lowered, since that is a trigger. 
    He said the greatest danger would lie in depression
    setting in. 
    Well.....that wasn't going to happen! I wouldn't let it! 
    So, I decided to keep studying and take the
    give me a purpose and goal in life. I thought to myself: 
    one can let depression sink in lamenting what was and
    all the problems stemming from it or one can focus on
    what could be and the possibilities that come from it.
    I chose the latter. After requesting an accommodation 
    (with a letter from the doctor)--more time to take the 
    exam because concentrating was difficult--I was
    granted an extra 1.5 hours. (I needed every minute of it!)
    Within 4 weeks, my speech had returned about 85%
    and my writing and typing were coming back. I was
    fortunate enough to get a temp job for 3 weeks 
    telemarketing for a charity, which really helped my 
    speech--paid speech therapy--and writing! lol Now,
    I'm consulting again part-time and applying for work, 
    as I would prefer to work full time, as there just isn't
    enough work consulting.
    My speech has almost returned to normal. I just have
    to enunciate a little bit more to avoid an occasional
    Da Femme is back!

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