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Home Safety
(Please print this page for your personal safe keeping)

  • Are the dishes and food accessible on lower shelves?
  • Is there a telephone available? Are there emergency phone numbers displayed near the phone or on the refrigerator?
  • Is there a work triangle everywhere there is a food preparation area, mixing area and cooking area in a linear or trangular pattern for easier access?
  • What type of refrigerator is in use? Is the freezer side by side to the refrigerator or is it on top? (Side by side provides easier accessibility.)
  • Are there adjustable counter tops, corner counters, pull out surfaces and stools?
  • Is there a non skid runner or rug in front of the sink?
  • Are the floors non skid? (Do not use floor polishes and make sure grease and other items are not present.)
  • Is there a smoke alarm and fire extinguisher?
  • Are the sinks deep? If wheelchair accessiblity is needed, provide with a free standing sink.
  • Are there any foods with expired dates that should be thrown away?
  • If adaptive devices are required such as extended graspers or eating devices, are they provided?
  • Are sharp object which may be harmful to a confused adult kept out of the way in a secure area?
  • Are towels and curtains near the stove? (if the window is open, you will want to remove these to prevent fires from starting.)
  • Is there sufficient lighting above the stove, the sink and the countertops?
  • Are all electrical wires and appliances a safe distance from the sink?
  • Are there clearly marked "off" indicators for the stove and appliances?
  • Is there a food timer and a whistling teakettle to remind your loved one when something is ready?
  • Is there plastic dinnerware available if needed to prevent breakages of glass and china? Are they microwaveable?
  • Are pots and pans too heavy for maneuvering? If so, they should be replaced with lighter ones. If this is not possible, provide access to them at a proper level.
  • Are pot holders or mittens available for use?
  • Is there a sturdy step stool?
  • Are pet food dishes out of the walking path?
  • Do chairs have casters or rollers for easier movement?
  • Is there an E-Z Reacher type of device to reach the higher shelves?
  • Are exhaust and ventilation systems working properly?

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