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    60s In London
    60s Pics Memory!
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    Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, the big clock, Tower Bridge, Notting Hill, Oxford Street, Bayswater, Queensway, Selfridges, Piccadilly Circle, Soho, Tottenham Court, Tarfalgar Square, Hyde Park, High Street Kensington, Harrod's, King Street, Biba's, Whiskey' A Go Go, The Arabesque, The BBC, ITV, the London Philarmonica, the Ballet, Covent Garden, Niarchos (London) Ltd., Wembley Stadium, King Street, and Chelsea.

      London is a city where you can find these places and some of these places were my hang out between July 1964 - October 1966. When I was alone and lonely little scrawny kid in London, I used to listen to the Brit's classical music on my record player late at night. Sometimes, I ran out of electricity and I had to put more coins (10p) in the meter. Can you imagine finding coins and meter in the dark!.

      I lived in Queensway-Bayswater most of the time from 65-67.
      At one point, I moved to North of London
      (I think it was W. Finchley) for a few months
      but didn't like the long commute on the underground so
      moved back to Queensway area.
      It was so close to Kensington Garden, Hyde Park
      and Oxford Street for school, work and shopping .

      Oh the good old days... Do you recall Biba's???
      It was in Chelsea I think.
      Have you ever shopped there??
      It didn't have a private room fitting room so every one
      had to take your clothes off and try all the clothes
      right in the corner of the store... LOL

      It was a blend of a Mod and Bohemian look clothings store.
      Prices were real great .... Not sure it is around anymore.
      .although there was a Biba's restaurant in the 70s.
      By the way, some of you may understand it
      when I said Swining London in it's original sense...
      "While 1966 in Britain was the year of the miniskirt,
      the heyday of Swinging London, in which Biba's,
      Kings Road and Carnaby Street decreed outrageous fashions,
      garish colors and the "tramp" look..." *From Swinging London - By: ???
      Remember Twiggy??
      Biba Reminicense Barbara Hulanicki - Biba 60's Central David Bowie's A WEEKLY DIARY :

      'When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford'. Samuel Johnson, 1777

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