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Autumn Moon

By Jeri Maier

Blue skies drives away Winter cold,
Spring showed her flings to Summer,
Searing heat greets the air daily,
Warm wind and hot sun spuns at my face,
It is great that leaves are turning brown,
How soon,
Autumn Moon will swoon in the night sky!

~Jeri T. Maier~
Copyright 2002

I Met You In The Spring

Autumn Love

By Jeri Maier

Golden maizes grace the fields
Branches sway in the breezes,
Autumn leaves falling,
From Mother Earth trees,
Changing seasons, cycles of time,
Summer heat turned freezing cold.

Clouds billow in the blue skies,
Birds spread their wings,
Swooshing by, joyfully ride,
To warmer places,
They all, fly away.

Rain sprinking,
Light drizzling shower,
Magical rainbows show prism colors,
High above grey clouds.

I feel love all around,
Just wondering how,
And wondering when,
We will meet again.

Sweet words, warm embraces.
Autumn love in my head,
Autumn love in my heart,
Autumn love in my soul,
Sweet and low the wind blows.

Autumn love may you please,
Show the way back home,
Show him how to find,
Sweet home,
Warm hearth of fire,
Show my wayward Spring love.

Autumn love in my head,
Autumn love on my mind,
Autumn love in my soul,
My spirit glows,
My heart runneth over,
With thoughts,
Of our Autumn love.

~ Jeri T. Maier ~
Copyright Autumn 2002


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