Ebb and Flow

By Dayle Duffy

I go through the motions of living
but my mind is not where it should be

All the beauty I spot or items I buy
I wish my Mother could see

My feelings they flow with no pattern
They now have a life of their own

I must tread gently and hope the waves hit
Only when I'm safe at home

To others I seem sane and normal
My manner is much the same style

But suddenly plans get turned away
By a wash of her laughter and smile

Could this really have happened?
No more chances for me to go?

To her side and show my devotion
Hold her hand and love her so?

So now I am left with the feelings
As they ebb and flow at will

Though I know in heaven she's dancing
Down here I do miss her still

Dedicated to Arlene S. Duffy, my mother,
who passed July 9,2002.

Praise God

The Promise



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