We welcome the coming of other
new months that will kiss one another.
We welcome a year
whose torrents of fear
will injure both sister and brother.
The factions declare that the year
will teach an omnipotent sneer.
We quickly may fashion
an order whose passion
will swallow a basket of beer.

The coming year will offer dreams.
We happily may share a smile.
The moments have produced rich gleams.
The coming year will offer dreams.
Inveterate are all bright beams
that seemingly enhance true style.
The coming year will offer dreams;
we happily may share a smile.

WE SOON We soon might share a moment and a drink and offer a celebratory toast that sometimes might recall the ways we'd think some thoughts that offered hope a special boast. The many years that now have passed we may presume will hurt no friendship but may let our former hopes be vivid forms that say that dreams preserve a happy kind of debt. Whatever drink you name is what I'll buy and pray will help us pass a joyous hour in which I'll be a civil man whose eye shows no undue appearances of power. That we again are strangers is no woe that must demolish any hopeful glow.
Bruce Hamilton


Painting By Sandra Kuck


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