And Then I Loved You

    And Then I Loved You
    So many dark days, with losses so great,
    I thought for that my heart would surely break,
    And then I met you...

    We danced very slowly to a tune we'd not known,
    To kindness and caring no others had shown,
    Thank the Lord I found you...

    Time past so quickly, each day was well spent,
    Learning new steps together with each letter sent,
    And then I knew you...
    The hours we spent, finding deep in our souls,
    A love that was shared began filling the holes,
    And then I trusted you,

    Our passion soon grew, our desire became one,
    Old memories of pain we had known were soon gone,
    And then I wanted you...

    The day our eyes met and our hands both reached out,
    We held onto each other, without any dobut,
    And then I loved you...
    ~ Author Unknown ~

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    You are my Sunshine


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