River Runs

In the midst of meadows, a glorious day,
Through valleys below, big river flows,
Beneath green fields and majestic hills,
Mountains wondering high by yonder,
Reach up to bright blue poetic skyline,
Amidst dancing white, gray shimmer clouds,
Shouldering over those tall green trees.

River runs and spuns splendid quilts,
Waves of nature silks, tapestry before my eyes,
Soothing my soul, oh sweet mother nature's way,
She displays the tall trees, full of life,
Bright green leaves sway in the wind,
Soaring high, lift and float, light as air.

For a sanctuary in the midst of nowhere,
Dancing a delightful sight for my heart,
Amongst tall grasses, my spirit wings span,
Stand alone and dreaming of wonderment,
Spend my day, with Mother Nature's play.

Copyright ©Jeri Maier - Summer 2002

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