She Broke Many Hearts

She broke many fragile hearts in the past,
Her wild-child smile captivated many men,
Her beautiful eyes look straight into their souls,
Her cold demeanor then lured them, even more so.

She was as cool and calm as a woman can be,
She was as free as a bird on the summer trees,
Singing on the branches and gleely hops along,
As mighty a song as a sway of love glance,
As gracious a prance as the swan song dance.

As time goes by, she longingly cries,
Searching the world for someone,
Her once cool heart now arches in pain,
Feeling the strain of emptiness and regrets,
Her love-nest is unrelenting, empty, cold and quiet,

She broke so many hearts in the past,
And now the paths lead to her present.....
of unpleasantness.

Jieranai T. Maier
First Revision
December 2003

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