"Successfully Empty."

By: Flyingeagle84

Here I am famous, with money, women, and millions of fans.
Yet it still feels as though I lack something
that just always seems to slip through my hands.
When people look at me they think, he has it all.
If only they knew that just as I hit the top, I started to fall.
At first I tried one night stands to fill the gapping hole.
Yet it didn't matter how many women I had, it didn't fill my soul.
So then I tried buying expensive and fancy things
to find myself happiness.
I bought more and more and more, but still felt like I had less.
I figured drugs might seem like fun.
So I thought I'd give them a run.
I tried them all, acid, booze, heroin, and coke.
The list goes on I drugged till I croaked.
People that look at my life can't figure it out.
But the truth is that all this won't fill you, no matter what the amount.
The purpose of our lives is much deeper than all of these things.
It's about why we are here on earth as human beings.
For those of you that refuse to think of fulfillment in just these terms.
You face a life long lesson to be learned.
You may become successful in this world or you may not.
But one thing is for sure deep inside your very soul you'll rot.
Down, down it will seem you are deployed.
Falling, falling with this deadly void.
What is it that this kind of life is missin?

I'd tell you, but you probably aren't ready to listen.

By Flyingeagle84
Copyright 2003

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