Souls,,, Lost, And Found~

 By Fathertime

It's time to make a larger print,
For what's about to unfold.
A tale you've heard so many times,
But one,, I've never told.

When I was in my teens back then,
I never thought just how.
My life would be affected,
Don't have to wonder now.

We all were mostly younger then,
And brought up to believe.
We must keep war far from our land,
And that, we did perceive.

Our loved ones were so very dear,
To us, we all were close.
So here I was, real macho then,
Just didnt know the dose.

Of what was going to happen then,
It all, was so unclear.
But friends and I, just knew we must,
Keep it all, from being near.

So being bold, we all agreed,
Instead, we would go there.
To aid in holding them at bay,
So they would not come here.

The long boat ride, that took us there,
The storms, that made us ill.
Oh my, the floating motion came,
Won't say what came without will.

Well anyway, the day did come,
We started into port.
The wake up call, was there for us,
DaNang, we did abort.

The mortars were to heavy then,
For us to dock that day.
So heading south along the coast,
All restless, young hearts, we did pray.

We finally came to Ben Hua
A port, just so serene.
So we debarked, in wonderment,
In awe, of where we'd been.

With full field packs,,,,our heads held high,
We trickled off the ship.
Please God, be with us now,
You are on ALL our lips.

The trucks were waiting for us then,
To take us to a place.
Where we would be assigned from there,
There was a special space.

Our weapons locked, secure that day,
We wouldnt need them yet.
Until, surprise, the night did fall,
Charlie's plan was very set.

We scampered, scurried, and ran like HELL,
The mortars, and gun fire flew.
For all of us, so young and green,
In all our thoughts,,,,we knew.

We were the targets,,,,on that night,
They made, so very clear.
So fright to might, I saw that night,
My brothers, were all there.

Without the details, we got through,
A very tough first night.
But we were all determined now,
We knew we had to fight.

For all the people, to be free,
It had to be this way.
In God we trust, to keep us safe,
On, any given day.

Our brother's lost, in that old war,
I Pray for you this way,
That God gave you the peace, and key,
To his Kingdom, on you're day.

For all of us, that came back home,
Some broken,,,,some all whole.
Remember friends, we fought for YOU,
We really have a SOUL.

Just please accept me, as I am,
Not perfect, as you see.
Perfection, lives amongst us all,
But it's not you, nor me.

We've prayed to God to stop the pain,
And all our nightmares too.
Just want for all of you to know,
We did it all for YOU.

~Father time~
2002 - Randy Elliot


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