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    An Affair Of The Heart

    By Jeri Maier

    QUESTION Dear Jeri: I'm very sad right now. Do you ever wonder sometimes why we let people into our lives? I am usually pretty guarded because I have been hurt so many times. I let my guard down with someone and now this person does not want contact with me. It hurts. I'm crying and trying to get the hurt out but its not working. This person filled a role I needed and I thought that he was someone special. It hurts because I think it is a communication problem. Whatever the reason, it hurts because I miss his friendship. I have been crying a lot and dont want to cry any more. I know in real life and online we lose people but it hurts the same way in both situations. We all need to feel accepted and cared for and the rejection of that, even if it is only online relationship, it hurts. Sorry for rambling, -SunshineGrl ANSWER Dear SunshineGrl, I know exactly how you feel about being sad. When people come into our life at a moment in time, when we are either lonely or vulnerable or open - we often let our guard down and let them into the door to our heart. Some of us have bigger hearts than others and we give wholly and fully with our full spirit and all of our soul. Unfortunately, it is not an automatic and a guarantee that when we open that door and give of our heart that they will return our love - or the keys to the doors to their hearts back to us. LOVE is the most powerful source of motivation - but it can also be a dangerous element. Love cannot be denied or avoided. In the end, it is better to have love and lost than to never have taken the risk of not feeling or receiving love back from anyone. There are many ways to live our lives. One of the best ways is to give and to share and to love. It will ultimately give us back the greatest of gifts - more love. Love is wonderful, but it can turn to hurt and pain. Whenever we love someone, we take the risk of giving. Giving of our hearts to be taken away is always a risk. Can we take it back when the person mishandles our heart? Yes, we can in time..... We can heal ourselves. We can become strong and happy again.. Two philosophers have said: LOVE is the Cement of the Universe (Beesley) LOVE, in its essence, is Spiritual Fire. (Swedenborg) Some cosmologists speculate that LOVE may be the fifth basic-force in the Universe. (Unified-Theory) ----- Time will heal and time is the best salve for our wounds.. It will make us stronger and love even deeper with the next level of spiritual love. There is no end to the levels of our capacity to give and share love. We will learn that love is selflessness instead of selfishness and we will be able to learn to LOVE with a positive energy. The LOVE energies can only manifest themselves with a collective higher consciousness and a better world. True LOVE is indeed - unconditional. It is giving and not demanding. It is open and not closed. It is living life on the highest of planes. It is the greatest form of happiness. Cry my dear... Feel sad if you will.. BUT continue to give of your heart - continue to share and to love. You will survive.. you will heal and you will prevail... HUGS* -Jeri Peace, Love and Light
    QUESTION Jeri: You did not give any specific answer to Sunshine's situation. What should she do? Should she continues to write to him or continues to hang on to him? - Samatha S.
    ANSWER Dear Samatha: Sorry, I was concentrating on her emotional well being. I would suggest that she lets him go. It is painful, but that is the process of spiritual growth and cosmic love. In time she will recover and emerges as a much stronger person. She will be able to even love much more deeper when the 'RIGHT' man comes along, and he WILL! -Jeri, Peace, Love and Light MORE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS
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