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    SECTION THREE - Stress !
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    SECTION FIVE - Boomer Facts
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    We apologize that our newsletter is very late. I have 
    started my study program at Saybrook Graduate school 
    and have been busy with my study for a while. 
    However, We have a good news and We are happy and please 
    to announce that Barry Wood will be our new Editor 
    for Boomers Newsletter.  
    Please welcome Barry and give him all your support. 
    Barry Wood, is a writer, has recently joined Boomers 
    International Club. 
    He is a free-spirited guy who is exceedingly spiritual.  
    He loves to write, and you can read his column WOOD WORKS 
    at this website address:
    Also, Barry Wood as written a special "Friends" article exclusively for Boomers International Club but has now shared it on Oprah Winfrey's website: Barry Wood is excited about his new venture as Boomer's new Editor and being a member of Boomers International and is thankful for all the nice people who have made him feel welcome. Jeri Maier aka Boomersint

    SECTION ONE - Web Site of Interest!

    Boomer Quiz #1: Ramblin' Jack Elliott was a part of what sixties music boom?

    Boomer Quiz #2: Who was Knucklehead Smiff?

    Take a whiff if Boomer Charlie's old sneakers.

    Surprise Boomer link of the month.

    Compiled by Chuck Nyren. Visit Suite 101's Baby Boomers Front Page.

    Celebrate Earth Day:
    Earth Day WebSite
    Institute For Global Communications. (PeaceNet, EcoNet,LaborNet,WomenNet,ConflictNet)
    Rain Forest Action Network. A fine green site: A Climate Change Site. Global Warming Whole Systems
    Destination EARTH Official Website for NASA Earth Science Enterprise. What is the Earth Science Enterprise? It is the spirit of exploration captured and focus on our own planet. World Transformations

    SECTION TWO - Media / Entertainment! Check out the April issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, pages 21-24 for a cool article on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductions. Tom Petty is on the road again with the Heartbreakers promoting his new album "Echo." Petty mentions Del during his 30-minute VH-1 special "Tour Firsts: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: The Echo Tour." The show debuted April 17 at 9 PM and midnight EST. Check local listings or "" for schedule info. Petty explains how Heartbreaker's bass player, Howie Epstein, was a "great find" he "found in Del Shannon's band..." That's all for now, Brian Young / DSAS
    The late Dusty Springfield, the late Del Shannon, Curtis Mayfield, Billy Joel, Paul McCarthy, and Bruce Springsteen were inducted to the Hall of Fame on 3/15/99.
    Dylan-Paul Simon Tour Announced: The long anticipated Bob Dylan/Paul Simon Tour is on! Tickets go on sale around April 20th. The Allman Brothers have signed their drummer's nephew 19 yr old Derek Trucks as 2nd guitar. Trucks has been playing central florida clubs for the past few years and remeniscent of young Stevie Ray Vaughn, he is the hottest new guitarist on the circuit. Another Clapton? The Allmans will use his brilliant slide work to recreate Duane Allman's style. With the band Jazzed up and Derek Trucks Aboard to weave with Dicky Betts the current ABB tour is a MUST SEE. An Allman Brothers Band Spin Off group, GOVERNMENT MULE has released a live double CD on which ABB guitarist Derek Trucks appears. GOVT MULE LIVE-WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM OUR FRIENDS features covers of Humble Pies 30 Days In The Hole and Neil Young's Cortez The Killer. This is a return to the late 60's extended improvisations that rocked the Fillmore. If you thought nobody was doing 20 minute songs anymore check out this CD. Whose The Boss??? We'll See if the late summer and fall Springsteen tour delivers. Even Max Weinburg will tour with the band! Guitarists Little Steven Van Zant and the LEGENDARY Niles Lofgrin will both be on the roster. Lofgrin, from Falls Church Virginia was a darling of early FM progressive- underground rock in the 1969-71 era. He was brought aboard to replace Little Steven who has rejoined the E street Band for this incarnation. Springsteen live with the E Street Band promises to be a knock your sox off tour de force. check out Music Books and Commentary at: BDPoe is a Music Editor at Boomers International Club.
    "ABC News Of The Century" aired on ABC in March 1999. Hosted by ABC News anchor, Peter Jennings, Phonographs, Radio, TV, Electric car, 1901 Victoria Era come to an end. 90 years later Diana's funeral and she was in the carriage for her funeal in the same carriage that Queen Victoria's funeral was before she was buried. The Century: ABC News has captured some extraordinary events from our history in a rich twelve-hour series. Depression and Dictators Poverty and breadlines ravage a world caught in the worst economic depression in recent memory. Desperate people turn to radical solutions to end the misery and war envelops Europe and Asia. Corbis Pictures World in Flames A Japanese attack brings America into WWII, which finally brings a bloody end to German Nazis and Japanese militarists. An estimated 60 million people die, but an end to the war leads to tensions between the remaining Challenges to the Good Life Despite the threat of nuclear war, Americans embrace the good life and spend money saved during the war. But a different America begins to emerge and challenges the white, middle-class status quo. Corbis Pictures Clash of Cultures President Kennedy inaugurates the decade with hope and idealism, as Martin Luther King leads a non-violent confrontation against racism. Assassins and a growing war in Vietnam, however, destroy the hope and split America apart. Decade of Disillusion Young Americans take to the streets to protest the Vietnam War and many turn to a counterculture of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. Confidence in the presidency, middle-class values and power collapses under weight of defeat and corruption. America on the Rebound Ronald Reagan promises brighter days and delivers it with an unprecedented package of deficit spending. A resurgent America faces down an ailing Soviet Union, which finally breaks its choke hold on Eastern Europe. New World Order The end of the Cold War gives way to ethnic violence as nationalistic groups struggle to assert themselves around the world. Television and the Internet are there to record it all. The video for this series becomes available on March 23, 1999 for a price of $99.99 in Video retail outlets, Or Call: 1-800-475-4ABC. The Century project also features an educational website ( for additional program information regarding broadcasts airing on cable television's, The History Channel.
    CNN Cold War The show that defines the time. This landmark TV documentary series air every Sunday and Friday night until early December. This documentary took 3 years to produce. The series concluded with the last episode aired on April 4, 1999. CNN coldwar
    The CNN coldwar experience and culture web site.
    Come Celebrate the Century with the United States
    Postal Service! This is the official 20th century
    commemorative stamp series that YOU get to vote
    You've already voted for the nifty fifties, 
    the groovy sixties, and the rockin' seventies. 
    Now it's time to check the results of the 
    votes for the awesome eighties! 
    The results of StampVote will be posted at this 
    Web Site in the near future:
    Stamp Vote


    All Stressed Up and No Place to Blow
    Frequent headaches? Can't sleep? Difficulty concentrating? 
    You may be suffering from job-related stress. Studies now 
    indicate that one-fourth of the workforce view their jobs 
    as the number one stressor in their lives and that workers 
    widely perceive job stress as being on the rise. More 
    importantly, work stress may increase a person's risk 
    for cardiovascular disease, psychological disorders, 
    workplace injury, and other health problems. 
    But if job stress is a headache for workers, it's a 
    migraine for employers. That's because stressful working 
    conditions also are associated with increased absenteeism, 
    tardiness, disability claims, and other factors that reduce 
    a company's productivity and competitiveness. "Work stress 
    imposes enormous and far-reaching costs on workers' 
    well-being and corporate profitability," says National 
    Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) 
    Director Linda Rosenstock, M.D., M.P.H. "The good news 
    is at least some of these costs are avoidable." 
    "Research and experience tell us that certain factors 
    such as heavy workload, conflicting or uncertain job 
    responsibilities, and job insecurity are stressors across 
    organizations and that the risk for job stress can be 
    reduced through smart, strategic action." And that's 
    why the CDC's NIOSH is suggesting practical approaches 
    that can be taken by employers and employees to prevent 
    workplace stress. "Stress ... At Work" finds that 
    organizational changes and stress management for
     employees, with organizational changes given top 
    priority, may be the most effective approach for 
    reducing work stress. The booklet offers a three-step 
    process for preventing stress problems by identifying 
    stress factors in the workplace, designing and 
    implementing solutions, and evaluating the outcome. 
    Job stress is defined as the harmful physical and 
    emotional responses that occur when the requirements 
    of a job do not match the capabilities, resources, or 
    needs of the worker. Conditions that may lead to stress 
    include heavy workload, lack of participation in 
    decision-making, poor social environment, conflicting 
    or uncertain job expectations, job insecurity or lack 
    of opportunity, and unpleasant or dangerous work 
    Organizational changes may include efforts to ensure 
    that workload is in line with workers' capabilities 
    and resources; to design stimulating, meaningful jobs; 
    to define workers' roles and responsibilities clearly; 
    to give workers opportunity to participate in decisions 
    about their jobs; to improve communications; to provide 
    opportunities for social interaction among workers; and 
    to establish work schedules that are compatible with 
    demands and responsibilities outside the job. 
    "The new NIOSH booklet offers employers, human resources 
    personnel, and workers a practical, easy- to-read 
    resource, with real case studies, to help them answer 
    three critical questions: What causes job stress, is 
    there a problem in my workplace, and if so, what can 
    be done to find sensible, meaningful solutions?" added 
    Dr. Rosenstock. 
    Copies of "Stress ... At Work," DHHS (NIOSH) Publication 
    No. 99-101, are available by calling the NIOSH toll-free 
    information number, 1-800-35-NIOSH (1-800-356-4674). 
    See related articles in the AgeVenture archives. 
    "Sources of Stress Vary for Men and Women" 
    "Stress of Care-giving Often Health-robbing" 
    By Dr. David Demko,  
    AgeVenture News Service, 
    21946 Pine Trace, Boca Raton, FL 33428 USA
    Voice-mail: 561-482-6271. 
    AgeVenture News Service 



    Boomers International Web Site opened up another venue for our boomer friends to meet, exchange ideas, chat with each other and networking. We have been busy and are having fun meeting many new boomer friends. Membership reached 360+ with friends from all walks of life from around the world. Check us out by going to this Boomers International Club:
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    In 1945 the baby boom began. More than 3,400,000 
    babies were born in 1946, an increase of 20% from 
    the previous year. Births peaked at 4,300,000 in 
    1957. A total of 77,000,000 births occurred during 
    the boomer years of 1946 to 1964. 


    MARCH 1999
    Barry Wood

    APRIL 1999
    Gail Mitchell

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