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    SECTION FOUR - Our New Boomers Site
    SECTION FIVE: - Interesting Links/Articles.
    Tom Smith
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    A Message from the Folks at Boomers International
    It's MAY - A Great Time Of The Year
    MAY is that wonderful in-between month.  It's in-between the coolness 
    and rain of April and the summer heat that is sure to come in June and 
    beyond.  In May, you can get one those cool nights where a walk on the
    beach - or on the boardwalk - or just around the block - perhaps holding
    the hand of someone you love is just so perfect. You and your spouse 
    or your friend talk about your day and marvel at the bright green on the
    trees, the beautiful reds, yellows, and oranges of the flowers that are
    now in full bloom. You and your children can talk about what your plans
    are for the summer. The excitement of the last day of school is just
    around the corner. You of those special moments in life.
    May is full of special moments.
    MAY will be exciting here at Boomers International as well. There will
    be all those wonderful new changes that we've told you about.
    Membership is climbing. The Website will be new, fresh, informative,
    and quite entertaining. 
    We all look forward to one of those very special months of May.
    Love and Light.
    MOTHERS DAY - MAY 14th
    Everyone has had a different experience with his or her mother.  
    Hopefully your memories and experiences are as wonderful as
    She's gone now, but it is a pleasure to tell you just a bit about her.
    I wanted to tell you of one particular moment, of that one thing that 
    she did that stands out in my mind - but I really couldn't. There was 
    no singular day - week - month - or year, when she wasn't there for
    me and helped me make myself a better person.  
    I couldn't think of that one gift that she gave me that stood 
    out amongst all the others - until now. 
    She gave me unconditional LOVE every moment of her life - 
    The GREATEST gift of all. 
    Writing this article about Mother's Day is my gift to her.  It would
    be nice if you did the same for your Mothers. Give her the greatest 
    gift of all - the gift of LOVE.
    Happy Mothers day to all.
    For many of us, Memorial Day means a vacation from work and the start of
    summer.  We should try to remember, however, those who earned us the
    privilege of enjoying a nice barbecue on a hot day.  
    We have included here two stories from two soldiers - a father and son - who
    served in two very different wars.
     Five Days in Salerno 
    My ship was part of the original fleet during the invasion of Salerno, Italy
    in 1943.  As we approached the beaches, an air raid alarm sounded - all hands
    to stations, etc.  An American light cruiser was approaching us on a parallel
    course.  Suddenly, a terrific explosion occurred near its No.1 turret.  More
    sirens and the ship slowed and now looked like a giant submarine as it sank,
    coming to a stop with its bow about one foot above water.  
    The Germans had begun using a radio-controlled glider bomb launched at great
    altitude.  The bomb's tail had a red flare that it used to pinpoint at its
    target.  Over the next few days, the siren would sound and we would all look
    skyward for the little red dot as it hurtled down.  
    An English monitor (big guns) naval vessel had the bomb go right down its
    stack and destroy its engine room.  
    Beside us was the S.S. James C.  Marshall.  She was hit amidships, killing
    many of her crew who were eating below decks.  
    The S.S. Bushrod Washington was hit when she was in the process of loading
    cargo and lost many men.  
    Meanwhile, German aircraft kept coming in low over the bay, strafing  the
    ships anchored there. 
    In the five days we were there, this happened 35 times.
    And this was my first voyage.
    Murdock Moore, Sr.  
    Chief Radio Officer
    S.S. Lewis Morris (Liberty Ship)
    Baby Lost / Baby Found
    Those who worked the refugee runs out of Saigon in 1975 know it was a hectic
    and confused situation.  Mistakes were made which cost some their lives and
    others their freedom.  Among the fortunate few granted freedom were 50
    Vietnamese baby orphans who were put aboard a World Airways DC8.  
    If America couldn't save Saigon, we'd at least save some of their babies.  
    The plane flew directly from Saigon to Yokota Air Force Base in Japan. 
    After the plane landed, it was determined that 23 of the babies required
    immediate medical attention.  They were removed and sent to the base hospital
    for treatment.  A few hours later, they were returned to the plane and it
    took off for America.  
    Sometime during the flight, an unexpected problem arose with the flight
    manifest: although 23 babies had gotten off the plane in Yokota, only 22 were
    brought back. 
    Officials in Yokota were notified and began a low-key investigation. 
    Newsreel footage showed 23 babies being taken to the hospital.  All the
    doctors and medical personnel were identified.  Except one middle-aged woman.
     Her photo was quickly distributed to police and she was recognized as a
    woman with mental problems.  After a quick and quiet police visit to her
    home, a none-the-worse-for-wear baby was found.  
    Any publicity would have made it a public relations nightmare for both
    Japanese and American governments, so the woman was just told not to do it
    again and sent home.  
    Case closed.
    An Airlift footnote un-noted.
    Murdock Moore, Jr.  
    U.S. Air Force (Retired) 

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    Interesting Links/Articles. We let cowards define Vietnam War By John Omicinski, Gannett News Service Time Magazine Earth Day Report. Hero Of Our Planet.,2967,0,00.html Nominate someone who is trying to preserve wildlife.

    SECTION SIX: Boomer of The Month
    MAY  2000
     	     Tom Smith of Canada
    We will feature an interview with Tom's Trip around the world on
    his scooter.
    Coming soon online......

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